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From zero to hero – Toronto man scoops $10.700.000 after being laid-off

Lotto victories sometimes really come at the perfect time, and it certainly happened in case of Michael Gebru. This man from Toronto was made redundant at his workplace, but didn’t despair too much after it happened because there’s no need to worry about losing your job when you have $10.700.000 at your disposal.

Mr. Gebru netted this magnificent windfall in the Lotto Max draw on June 16th, when he was one of two people who matched the seven main numbers 1, 5, 20, 33, 34, 41 and 42. His winning ticket was purchased at the Gateway Lotto store located on Bloor Street in Toronto, and when he checked it Gebru thought he won $10 from Lotto Max and $4 from Lottario. The Scarborough resident asked a store clerk to assist him and discovered something extraordinary when he showed him the slip with his winning amount.

“And that’s when the lottery machine shut down. It took me a while to realize I had won the jackpot,” recalled the fortunate man.

Shortly before becoming a millionaire, Gebru was laid off from his job as assembly worker, but being unemployed isn’t something he has to worry about anymore. The $10.700.000 winner  now has financial freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants, and he’s already making plans about turning his dreams into a reality. There are three most important things on his wish list right now – buying his first home, taking a trip to Jamaica, and donating money to good causes.

“I always said that if I won the lottery I’d help people in need,” said Mr. Gebru.

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