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Group of nine co-workers from Montreal collects a $60.000.000 jackpot

There are many things that make 2017 one of the most unforgettable years in recent memory, but in case of nine colleagues from Montreal one particular event really stands out. They’ll remember it as the time when they shared a mesmerizing $60.000.000 jackpot, after two years of playing the lottery together.

Members of the fortunate syndicate correctly guessed the main winning numbers 13, 16, 19, 21, 24, 26 and 30 in the Lotto Max draw on December 22nd and came forward to claim it shortly after Christmas. The prize money was collected by Julie Beland, Haidar Abi Haidar, Robert Macri, Diane Dorele Fossouo Djuidje, Nathaniel Thomas, Darius Hozhabr Zandi, Peter Jewett, Randolph Dandan and Enzo Scattone, all of whom work together at the same company in downtown Montreal.

Enzo Scattone was the first to realize they won $60.000.000, after checking their numbers online on Sunday morning. The fortunate man said he started crying and “thought of a lot of things” after discovering their ticket was the winning one.

“I already started believing and started crying, and I repeated the numbers over and over. Then I called my colleagues and they still didn’t believe me. To be honest, I still feel like myself – we all feel the same, that won’t change,” said Scattone.

When asked if they were wealthy even before becoming millionaires, syndicate member Julie Beland described them as a group of “people who made efforts that needed to be made to get to where they are”. Her colleague Haidar Abi Haidar agreed they were “comfortable” before each of them became $6.666.666 richer.

“All the projects we had planned before this money are the same. Now we have more possibilities to complete what we had in mind. We will remain grounded,” concluded Julie Beland.

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