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Montreal retiree comes forward to collect a $15.000.000 jackpot

Despite the fact he buys lottery tickets on regular basis, Alain De Bellefeuille never expected to become one of those people who end up holding an oversized check worth millions in their hands. No wonder he couldn’t believe his luck when he checked his Lotto Max numbers at the end of October, only to discover they transformed him into Montreal’s latest millionaire.

Mr. De Bellefeuille correctly guessed the winning line 1, 14, 15, 16, 24, 39 and 49 in the Lotto Max draw that took place on October 27th. The 69-year-old man is a regular lottery player, but since he never scooped more than $5 he was in a state of disbelief after discovering his ticket won $15.000.000.

“I was very sceptical, I thought maybe there was a mistake, but I did not sleep much. I was under the impression that I’ll wake up at some point, and discover it was all a dream because it seemed impossible!” said the fortunate winner.
Even after checking his numbers twice in the newspapers on Saturday morning, De Bellefeuille still didn’t believe his eyes. On Monday morning he showed up very early at the lottery headquarters in Quebec, and only after lottery officials presented him with a cheque worth of $15.000.000 the amazing news finally sunk in.

When it comes to his intentions for the future, the lucky retiree didn’t plan any trips or big purchases, and will invest most of his prize money. Lotto victory will also allow him to surprise his nephews and nieces with bigger Christmas presents this year.

“Winning gives you a sense of security because you never know what can happen,” concluded Mr. De Bellefeuille.

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