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Nova Scotia resident doesn’t plan any big changes after a $1.750.000 victory

Most lotto winners draw up a long wish list after scooping millions, but Albert Mills is perfectly happy with what he had before. After collecting $1.750.000, this man from Nova Scotia doesn’t intend to leave his job since he’s already retired, nor leave his current home since he doesn’t need a nicer one. Would you be so humble after collecting a Powerball cheque worth $300.000.000? Play now to find out!

Mills was one of four ticket holders who matched the six main winning numbers 6, 9, 16, 19, 21 and 28 in the Lotto 6/49 draw on December 6th. He purchased the golden ticket at the Your Independent Grocer store in Hubbards, but it took him some time to realize it was worth $1.750.000. One day after the draw, he saw the winning numbers on the news, but didn’t pay close attention to them. He noticed them again later that day, and said his “temperature went up” after he realized they actually looked familiar. Mills decided to call his daughter Brenda Auton, who regularly purchases his lottery tickets – she was the one who finally confirmed that he is, indeed, the lucky winner of the astonishing jackpot.

His family joined him when he accepted the oversized cheque worth $1.750.000 at the same store where the ticket was purchased. Mills didn’t share any immediate plans for the future, and said he’s been content even before the incredible lotto victory took place. Unlike most new-found millionaires who decide to upgrade their current home, the Nova Scotia man plans no such thing – he’ll stay where he is, with his loyal companion.

“I’ve got a fine house and that’s where I’m staying. It’s just big enough for me and my dog,” said the winner after collecting his windfall.

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