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Vernon resident dances around his apartment all weekend after $1.000.000 win

It’s sometimes difficult to contain your excitement after discovering you’ve scooped a major lottery prize, and Devin Cooper wasn’t even trying. He was dancing around his apartment after realizing he’s about to receive the best Christmas gift ever – a dazzling $1.000.000 windfall!

The fortunate 32-year-old purchased a ticket for the Lotto Max draw on December 22nd at Sir Winston’s Pub, located in Vernon. That was the night when a syndicate from Montreal collected a $60.000.000 jackpot, but Cooper was lucky enough to scoop a guaranteed $1.000.000 prize in the special Maxmillions draw. Shortly after that he heard that the winning ticket was sold in his hometown and decided to check his numbers only to realize he was the one who bought it!

“I was kind of freaking out when I saw that I had matched all seven numbers. I was dancing around my apartment all weekend,” said the fortunate man, who works for a snow removal company.

Even though the winning draw that brought him the $1.000.000 windfall took place before Christmas, he had to wait a few days to claim it because of the holiday hours. Cooper said he’ll celebrate the victory during holiday dinner with his family, and added he intends to use the money to get a new car and invest the rest in real estate.

“I am ecstatic! It is unbelievable. This is definitely the best Christmas gift I have ever received,” concluded the lucky man.

Christmas may be behind us, but there’s still time to receive the best gift in your lifetime. Try your luck with Powerball to become $570.000.000 richer in the next draw on Saturday night!

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