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    Why should you bet on Powerball?

    Why you should bet on Powerball!
    • The Powerball has the record for having the biggest jackpot in the world!
    • Match 5 numbers and the powerball number to win!
    • Only €3.50 per line!


    €158.1 MillionCalculating jackpot
    Regular JackpotBoost Jackpot

    Enable the ‘Boost Jackpot’ option to increase the jackpot by hundreds of millions!

    Waiting for results
    The latest prize pool calculation




    €158.1 MillionCalculating jackpot

    Enable the ‘Boost Jackpot’ option to increase the jackpot by hundreds of millions!

    New Features

    The system-game and single-game could be operated on the same page now. A system game with additional numbers could increase your chance of winning. Why not have a try?


    Choose your draw/s or subscription/s

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    • 1 draw - €3.50

      Just 1 draw. Remember to play again in the next draw.

    • 4 draws - €3.50

      Just 4 draws. Remember to play again in 2 weeks.

    • 1 month - €28.00/month

      Credit card only A recurring subscription with 1 month of binding period.

    • 12 months - €28.00/month €22.40/month(20% off)

      Credit card only A recurring subscription with 12 months of binding period.

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    1 Line x 1 Draw

    Subtotal: €3.50


    Pick your numbers or choose quick pick option

    Why should you bet on Powerball?

    Why you should bet on Powerball!
    • The Powerball has the record for having the biggest jackpot in the world!
    • Match 5 numbers and the powerball number to win!
    • Only €3.50 per line!


    €158.1 MillionCalculating jackpot
    Regular JackpotBoost Jackpot

    Enable the ‘Boost Jackpot’ option to increase the jackpot by hundreds of millions!

    Waiting for results
    The latest prize pool calculation
    Why should you choose Group play ?

    Group play can significantly boost your odds of winning and it can also lower the cost whilst giving you the chance to bet together with your friends or family.

    Quick pick main numbers
    • 5 numbers = 1 combination
    • 6 numbers = 6 combinations
    • 7 numbers = 21 combinations
    • 8 numbers = 56 combinations
    • 9 numbers = 126 combinations
    • 10 numbers = 252 combinations
    • 11 numbers = 462 combinations
    • 12 numbers = 792 combinations
    Quick pick bonus numbers
    • 1 number = 1 combination
    • 2 numbers = 2 combinations


    €158.1 MillionCalculating jackpot

    Enable the ‘Boost Jackpot’ option to increase the jackpot by hundreds of millions!


    Choose your draw/s or subscription/s

    Choose draws

    • 1 draw - €3.50/line

      Just 1 draw. Remember to play again in the next draw.

    Choose a name for your game

    Choose amount of players/shares

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    €3.50 per player/share

    per player/share

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    1 Line x 1 Draw

    €3.50 per player/share per player/share

    • About Powerball

    • Powerball Odds & payout

    • Powerball info

    • Number Frequency

    • Powerball News

    About Powerball

    introduce lotto

    Powerball - World Record Jackpot!

    Powerball is a US lottery that was founded in 1992 and has since been recognised as the biggest lottery in the world, breaking a host of records for the biggest prize pools and jackpots.The regular jackpot starts at 40 million and the biggest Powerball jackpot ever was $1,58 billion and was won in January 2016 by three different ticket holders.

    How much does a powerball ticket cost?

    Powerball drawings are held every Thu 02:59 & Sun 02:59. A Powerball ticket costs €3.50 through the MultiLotto platform. For €6.00 per line you can also “boost” the Powerball jackpot, adding hundreds of millions to the prize pool.For more information about boost play, please check FAQ page.

    How much can I win?

    Overall, there are 9 prize categories, the jackpot of next draw is €158.1 Million. The Odds of Winning Any Prize is 1/24, and the Odds of Winning the Jackpot is 1/292 201 338. The special feature of the Powerball is that the profit ratios in the profit classes 2 to 9 are fixed. Here, the winning amount is always the same regardless of whether the jackpot grows or is won. Click here to check historical Powerball prize.

    How to play Powerball tickets online?

    A Powerball line consists of 6 numbers, including 5 main numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 bonus number (known as the “Powerball “) from 1 to 26.After choosing numbers, all you need to do is simply purchase your Powerball ticket and then wait for the draw to take place.

    • register


    • pick numbers

      Pick Numbers

    • payment


    • waiting for results

      Waiting for results

    • get winning

      Get Winning

    • better luck next time

      Better Luck next time

    How to claim a powerball prize?

    Multilotto are registered and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. For us to retain this license and keep giving you opportunities to win on lotteries, we need to ensure that we can always pay out winnings.

    Small prizes are paid out directly through the sale of lotteries, and for the bigger jackpots, we have an insurance which is used to pay for your enormous winnings.

    When you're betting on jackpots with Multilotto, you can relax! You will always get your winnings, no matter how much you win. Check FAQ for more information.

    What is the difference between Powerball and Megamillion

    • 5-from-69 and 1-from-26 Powerball
      Game rules
      5-from-70 and 1-from-25 Megaball
    • From ‎€3.50
      price per line
      From ‎€3
    • $20 Million
      Mininum jackpot
      $40 Million
    • €1.43 billion
      Previous record jackpot
      €1.537 billion
    • 1:25
      Probability of winning
    • Thu 02:59 & Sun 02:59
      Wed 08:30 & Sat 08:30
    • 30 year increasing annuity payments or discounted lump sum
      Jackpot payout
      30 year increasing annuity payments or discounted lump sum

    Want to try Megamillions?

    Get it now Go

    Powerball info

    Powerball Canada - Buy USA Powerball Tickets Online

    The Powerball means so much in certain parts of the world that you cannot just mention them for the sake of just mentioning them. Playing the Powerball lottery is almost an equivalent to praying because if you win, everything changes. Things take a turn for the better instantly. No more unpaid bills, no more waking up at 5 am to work your first of 4 shifts - it's just fun, sun and breeze from that point on.

    The Powerball lottery is the current holder of the largest lottery payout that the United States has ever seen. To break this record, it not only had to beat it's fiercest competitor, Mega Millions, but it also had to break the billion-dollar threshold. The lottery gave 1.6 Billion dollars to three different winning parties in the biggest jackpot win ever. Each of these people received upwards of $300 Million in lumpsum payments before taxes making them instant elites. Read more to find out more about this American Phenomenon.

    Play Powerball Canada: How To Win & How It Works

    Anybody serious about winning himself a fortune should already be asking himself how to Play Powerball and win. Step one, of course, is to buy yourself a ticket and fill it in. USA Powerball Tickets cost $5.50 and when you buy your Powerball ticket, you'll notice that the first section has a total of 69 numbers. From here you will pick 5 numbers. Towards the bottom of your slip you'll notice the Powerball panel which hosts 26 numbers from which, again, you're only to choose 1.

    The draw happens every single week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 22.12hrs Central Time. Make sure that you've bought your ticket by 21.00hrs before the break kicks in. The presenter will pick 5 white balls from a drum of 69 white balls and a red ball from another drum of 26 red balls. If the numbers on these balls match the numbers on your ticket, you've won the Powerball Lottery Jackpot. Matching only the five white balls earns you the "Match-Five" which is $1 Million. If you match less than the five numbers, worry not there's a prize for you.

    • Match 5 main numbers + Power Ball = Jackpot
    • Match 5 main numbers = $1 million
    • Match 4 main numbers + Power Ball = $50.000
    • Match 4 main numbers = $100
    • Match 3 main numbers + Power Ball = $100
    • Match 3 main numbers = $7
    • Match 2 main numbers + Power Ball = $7
    • Match 1 main number + Power Ball = $4
    • Match Powerball = $4

    Exciting Powerball Stories

    • The Largest Single Ticket Win In USA Lottery History
    • One Of The Hottest Wins To Ever Come Out of California
    • The Mother Of All Lottery Wins

    The Largest Single Ticket Win In USA Lottery History

    At this point, you get to see what it really means to play Powerball. To set us off is the story of a lady by the name Mavis Wanczyk who was the winner of a Powerball Jackpot worth just a few million dollars shy of a billion dollars. She won the $758 Million Jackpot by matching that Wednesday nights winning numbers (06-07-16-23-26) as well as the Powerball number 04. She had bought five tickets. Of the five, she hand-picked numbers for three of them and used the Quick Pick feature to fill out the remaining two tickets while at the Pride Station Store in Chicopee, Massachusetts. The winning numbers happened to be the dates of birth of members of her family with the Powerball Number being her lucky number, 4. The 53-year-old immediately retired from her job at the Mercy Medical Center in Springfield where she had worked for the past three decades. The store that sold her the ticket will be earning $50,000 for having sold a winning ticket. She opted for a lump sum payment rather than a 29-year annuity and received $336 Million check after taxes.

    One Of The Hottest Wins To Ever Come Out Of California

    A gentleman by the name of Jeff Lindsay become an instant multi-millionaire in the city of sun and fun merely off of a whim. He was headed home one evening when he decided to walk into Marietta Liquor & Deli and buy ten Scratchers tickets. He then went home, which was by then located in Sun City, Sacramento, California, and placed the ticket on his kitchen counter where it sat until he heard that the winning ticket was bought in his home-town. The ticket was that of the United States' 10th largest jackpot ever. It was also the 7th larges jackpot to have ever been dished out by Powerball lottery. The win was valued at a whopping $447.8 million. He wasn't the only winner, though. The shop that sold him his ticket also received $1 Million in accordance with the lottery laws of California. Jeff assembled a team of advisors, both legal and financial to help him ensure that the finances last through the ages. He also requested people to not pay him any attention as he and his family preferred a more reserved life- a life of privacy.

    The Mother Of All Powerball Lottery Wins

    Now for what you've probably been waiting to read about: The record-breaking win. The Powerball lottery, in the year 2016, dished out the mother of all jackpots. This $1.6 Billion loot was shared among three parties and here we put the spotlight on the last ones to claim their prize nearly 6 months after the draw. Mavin and Mae Acosta claimed their $528.8 Million portion of the prize money after having consulted financial advisors as well as legal advisors, as is advised in the Powerball Winner's handbook. The Acostas bought their ticket from the 7 Eleven store in Chino Hills, San Bernandino county and were lucky enough to have it match all 6 numbers. The store received a $1 Million bonus for having sold the winning ticket. They chose the one-time lump sum payment of $327.8 Million before taxes. Had they opted for the annuity, they would have received the $528 Million over 30 years with an annual 5%% increment to cater for the cost of living. The jackpot, in situations where there are multiple winners, is usually split among the winners.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Play Powerball Canada

    How Much Can I Win On The Powerball Canada

    How much you win is highly dependent on the number of numbers you match with the number of balls that appear on the screen. If you manage to match the five numbers that are drawn out of the drum of white balls as well as the red number drawn from the drum of red balls, you win the Powerball Jackpot. Matching only the five white numbers means you only get the match 5 which is nothing to look down upon as it's a solid million dollars. Just log on the Multilotto site and check them out when you're ready to play.

    When Are The Draws Held And What Should I Do If I Win?

    The Powerball draws are held on Wednesday and on Saturday at 2000hrs Pacific Time, 2200hrs Central time, 2300hrs Eastern Time and 2100hrs Mountain Time in the USA. The draw is held in Tallahassee, Fla. The draw is broadcast on 125 Television Station all over the USA. The game's cutoff time is 2200hrs Eastern time. Ensure you buy your ticket before then because tickets aren't sold until the end of the draw. If you are a Powerball winner sign into your Multilotto dashboard to see how much you have won. All winnings below $600 will be instantly paid into your account. Any winnings above this amount and players must follow a differant protocal which the support at Multilotto will easily walk you through.

    Where Can I Play Powerball Canada?

    There is no designated place of play for the Powerball lottery. The advent of the internet means that you don't have to buy your ticket at a store. You could simply do so from the comfort of your living room couch by signing up at Multilotto. If you reside outside of the United States, you may buy a ticket online at Multilotto as there is no restriction as to the country from which someone may buy a ticket.

    How Do I Know I'm Not Being Contacted By A Scammer And Whether I've Won For Real?

    The first question you must ask yourself is whether or not you played. If you did not buy a ticket, you could not expect to win. A call or text message indicating that you've won would definitely be a con man calling you. The lottery does not give out free money on Facebook either and all indications of Powerball giving out free money are scams.The con men often take the Powerball disguise and ask you for a processing fee of sorts in order to complete the transfer, or they ask you for your personal details to "confirm" that it truly is you who's won the lottery. This is in order to steal your identity and use it to make purchases in your name. The con men also ask you to send the "taxes" that you're supposed to pay to them. Powerball usually hands you your winnings minus the taxes you ought to pay.

    Where Can I find Previous Drawing Numbers And Results

    Players can log on to the Multilotto website and check out the numbers drawn in the previous weeks or even numbers from different drawings. Playing Lotto Online has never been so easy. Sign up today and start winning.

    Might There Be Some Pressing Information I'm Failing To Inquire About?

    You may be wondering what happens if you're to lose your ticket. If you had put your signature on its back then all is not lost but if you hadn't then whoever finds the ticket is free to collect the prize money. However, when players play Powerball at Multilotto all tickets are electronic which means players can not lose their tickets. If you're into lotteries, you've probably wondered, at one time or another, what happens when a lottery like Powerball has an unclaimed jackpot. The money is returned back to the contributing states in proportion to the amount each state contributed.

    Why You Should Play Powerball At Multilotto

    The main reason why you should Play Powerball at Multilotto is that it's more convenient than whatever other option you may have. The site eliminates the need for a physical slip. All you need to do is log on and click on the "bet now" button beside the Powerball option and you'll be taken to a page where the Powerball panels of 69 numbers are. From there, you could pick out your five numbers and the Powerball number as well and be on your way to winning yourself a prize. The advent of the internet means that things get easier. Things becoming easier is not only restricted to booking your next flight back to work from your holiday but also buying yourself a Powerball ticket in order to change your life for the better. What's more, you could check out the odds as you decide whether you really want to play or not.

    If you choose to Play Powerball Canada at Multilotto, you'll also have the chance to see what the odds of you winning whichever prize is at stake are. If you've already bought your Powerball ticket here and are looking to have a little more fun, you could, also, pick from a list of other lotteries based in different continents with jackpots just about as big as the Powerball. For instance, there's the Mega Millions jackpot from the US, Powerball's fiercest competitor, the lottery that forced Powerball to hit the billion-dollar mark in order to reclaim its position at the top of the jackpot payout list. There are also lotteries like Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot for those residing or just visiting the European region. There's even the El Gordo lotto which is quite easily the world's largest lottery. If you would rather do something else as you await your Powerball results, you could spin some reels at the site's casino. Play Powerball today at Multilotto Casino and turn the page into the next chapter of your life.

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