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Serving you THE BILLIONAIRE SHOP. Because we take good care of our winners.


The Billionaire Shop brings you the finest products in the spectrum of a wealthy lifestyle such as cars, helicopters, boats, watches and jewelry to residences and jets. With a special curated selection from brands across the globe, The Billionaire Shop provides the ultimate shopping experience for real winners.

If you are looking for a place to burn all your millions, then The Billionaire Shop is for you. It was inventively created to provide a store where lucky lottery winners could spend their new found wealth. Here you can find the finest and most expensive products that you can dream of, they are easy to purchase and ready to be dispatched. Yachts and helicopters to spectacular homes and jewelry are all there for that impulse buy. This is a site for everyone who aspires to a fabulous lifestyle, not just the millionaires.

An Inventive Initiative From Multilotto

This amazing website was launched by Multilotto to cater for the big winners appearing each week. The Billionaire Shop allows you to browse the worlds most spectacular and finest objects, and buy them at your leisure.

Check out the latest island on sale or salivate over that personal jet. Even if you are not a lottery winner, you will enjoy dreaming about that Ferrari 458 sports car for $230,000 and marvelling at how the other half live!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Billionaire Shop

What Can I Buy Online?

The Billionaire Shop was launched online in 2012 and is a premiere boutique for those with money to spend on every type of luxury. Rich, famous and seasonal shoppers are offered a collection of the most exquisite items. Top of the range technology and the latest design styles offer you the choice of jets, yachts, helicopters and fast cars. Lifestyle ranges include the finest watches and jewelry to dream homes, estates and islands. Everything has been carefully hand-picked to offer the most exclusive products to customers, existing millionaires or new winners who want to enjoy their luck.

Can I exchange items or get a refund?

Yes, you can return any item within 14 days, but this is at your own expense. The item must be unused and in pristine condition. If it was delivered packaged, the product and the packaging have to be in perfect condition. If not, you will be charged a fee based on your order value. The product will then either be exchanged and returned for no charge, or your money will be refunded. If you order a product and do not accept delivery, you will be charged the shipping fee costs, together with 10% of your order’s value.

Can I take delivery anywhere in the world?

The Billionaire Shop ships to over 170 different countries, with free delivery on all the items. The average delivery time for Europe is 30 business days, the US 35 days and Asia 40 business days. There may be additional time required to process orders when there are busy periods or public holidays. Delays can also occur if there are any payment issues or while waiting for payment authorisation. Depending on your item, there may also be additional documentation required by your customs office, and it may take longer to clear customs than normal.

What Will You Buy With Your Winnings?

The Billionaire Shop has a limitless selection of state of the art technology and top of the range ideas. Jetsetters can opt for a penthouse worth €8 million, or a €6,490,000 Leopard Veloce 34 yacht. Newfound billionaires could be enjoying holidays on their €64,500,000 island in the Bahama’s. With nothing to purchase online for under €10,000, you can certainly have some fun shopping!



Originating from an idea to connect lotto winners with the latest in lifestyle and expression, The Billionaire Shop sought out to find a manner to make it into an actuality. is offering its customers to play on the world's biggest lotteries and felt the need to also provide the lucky winners the possibility to get a slice of the good life.