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What our customers say

“Easy to play on all the lotteries in the world and a great customer service with quick answers.”
Lena G
Member since 2012
“Plenty of excitement every week.”
Bjarne N
Member since 2012
“The games give many opportunities to an exciting dream world.”
Nils R
Member since 2012
“I've only had good experiences with Multilotto, everything works smoothly when it comes to transfering money and buying tickets.”
Fredrik F
Member since 2012
“A good service that brings new possibilities.”
Caroline H
Member since 2012
“A good site that keeps your dreams alive.”
Hasse E
Member since 2012
“A strong competitor to the Swedish national lottery.”
Göran W
Member since 2012
“It's very good to have the possibility to win these big jackpots even in Sweden. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Stefan M
Member since 2012
“A very good site that has gathered the possibilities to make your dreams come true”
Andreas P
Member since 2012
“Very well built site that gives me as a player, a good view over active games and how the games work. Thank you for a super service that makes it able to play all the worlds lotteries!”
Marcus R
Member since 2012
“A good website and I’ve always been treated well when asking questions.”
Conny O
Member since 2012
“Incredible customer service. When I contact them I get quick and pleasant answers!”
Camilla A
Member since 2012
“I've never had any problems with Multilotto. Very easy to play. Easy to find your way around. You get your money fast. I'm super satisfied!”
Henric S
Member since 2012
“Very easy to use, and great for affiliates too!”
Ari N
Member since 2012
“Just great that you can buy tickets to Euromillions quickly and easy!”
Joel A
Member since 2012
“It's very exciting to play when the jackpots are this incredibly big!”
Mikael H
Member since 2012
“You provide a great service and offer good bonuses compared to other sites.”
Mikael W
Member since 2013
“I think it's great that you can play on lotteries from other countries. Good setup which makes it user friendly.”
Serdar Y
Member since 2012
“I really like that you can play on multiple lotteries on the same site.”
Panagiotis F
Member since 2012
“Nice, social, exciting and most of all easy to play on your phone or on your computer! I hope I win the jackpot soon!”
Robert K
Member since 2012
“Multilotto gives me the chance to dream big and hopefully win the jackpot. I really hope and wish that I win so I can help other people by creating jobs and build up the society. One day I'm hoping to help this world.”
Bobil O
Member since 2013
“Exciting and easy to understand.”
Gabriel C
Member since 2012
“Best website for playing the lotto.”
Elena P
Member since 2013
“A real gold mine with exciting lotteries.”
Sebastian K
Member since 2012
“I think it's very good that you can play on all the lotteries in the world directly from your sofa.”
Elegan Y
Member since 2012
“I think Multilotto is better than all the other lottery sites and it's easy to play.”
Agata P
Member since 2012
matti tapio s
Member since 2012
“Absolutely the best site.”
Tommi Y
Member since 2012
“Great site and the support really works.”
Anri F
Member since 2012
“Easy and flexible way to play the big lotteries.”
Ansa A
Member since 2012
“I really like the possibility to play on foreign lotteries.”
Juha L
Member since 2012
“Cool system. Great that it finally came a possibility to play on the world's biggest lotteries.”
Iris N
Member since 2012
“Easy and great service.”
Ville M
Member since 2012
“A very good and simple game site!”
Juha K
Member since 2012
“Best product in the world, highly recommended.”
Timo O
Member since 2012
“Nice that you can play on other countries lotteries. Quick confirmation of played games. Thank you.”
Markus L
Member since 2012
“Nice that you can take part in several lotteries.”
Tarja R
Member since 2012
“Simple, safe and nice big jackpots.”
jukka v
Member since 2012
“It's great that you can take part in the biggest lotteries in the world through Multilotto.”
Miia N
Member since 2012
“Really great.”
Jouni L
Member since 2013
“Nice and exciting.”
Helena A
Member since 2013
“Absolutely fantastic.”
Hannu M
Member since 2013
“Simple and working site.”
Mika H
Member since 2013
“Easy to play. Many games. Big jackpots.”
Jukka M
Member since 2013