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Everything you need to know about ΟΠΑΠ ΤΖΟΚΕΡ - Greece Joker - jackpot, results, winning numbers and draws.

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Greece Joker

Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization, democracy, philosophy – and many impressive games of chance including its most popular, known by the name “Tzoker”, written in Greek as "Τζόκερ".
Greece Joker has been the most prominent game in this country since its inception in 1997, and it attracted millions of lotto enthusiasts ever since.
The draws are held in Athens every Thursday and Sunday at 10 pm, and Tzoker results are published shortly after the draw procedure is completed. The Greek Lotto uses a dual matrix, and in order to participate in the game you have to do the following:

  • 1. Pick 5 numbers between 1 and 45 from the main drum.
  • 2. Pick 1 number between 1 and 20 from the special, Joker drum.
  • 3. Wait for Tzoker draw and see if your numbers proved to be the lucky ones.

Whoever wants to snatch the jackpot will have to beat the odds of 1:24.435.180, but it’s worth the effort – the minimum amount you can win by matching five main numbers plus the Joker amounts to €500.000, and it’s only a start. Whenever the jackpot isn’t won, it increases by €100.000 or more, and the best thing of all – there’s no cap! Back in 2010, the windfall offered by the Joker Greece has reached the maximum mark of €19.200.000 and three ticket holders ended up sharing it. In addition to the main pay-out, players can also net one of the other seven consolation prizes – estimated cash rewards offered for the jackpot and the Match 5 prize vary, but when it comes to the smaller categories, the amount of the prize is predefined. When there are no winners in the first two categories, the corresponding winnings’ amount is transferred to the next draw, but it’s also used for the construction of sports facilities around Greece.

€153 000 000
€86 900 000
€17 700 000
€37 200 000
€44 300 000
€6 900 000
€9 300 000
€10 000 000
€400 000
€10 700 000
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