Play Art of the Heist

With a spectacular and captivating intro cinematic, amazing graphics and extremely interactive gameplay, Playson's Art of the Heist slot is easily one of the most entertaining games currently available on the market. The game has players following Vincenzo the thief in a well organized museum heist. As he moves through the reels, Vincenzo must do his best to avoid being detained by the guards of scared away by the mummies who awaken during the night in the museum's chambers. The most successful of players will get to steal famous works of art and build up an awe worthy collection.

Art of the Heist plays across five reels with an unusual number of 21 paylines. Players have an option of betting anywhere between £0.01 and £7 per payline for a maximum total bet of £147 per spin, meaning the less experience and the well versed thieves will all have a shot at the finest art pieces.

Art of the Heist | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Video Slot
  • Software: Playson
  • Return to Player: 96.67%
  • Hit Frequency: Medium - High
  • Reels: 5
  • Skill Level: All players

Art of the Heist | Special Features

The Robber's Pathway

As the game starts, Vincenzo hops on the first cell of the first reels and the heist begins. Every time one of the special symbols lands in the cell where Vincenzo is currently located one of three things happens. If a wild symbol lands in the cell, additional 1-2 free spins are added to the total. If a mummy symbol lands in the cell, Vincenzo moves back 1-2 cells. The guard symbol detains Vincenzo in the spot for three spins.

The goal of the game, however, is to land an alarm symbol, which moves Vincenzo along his path between 1-3 cells, moving him closer to free spins.

Once Vincenzo reaches the end of the path, the free spins are activated, based on the number you have collected by stopping wild symbols. The initial number of 10 free spins is the minimum, and each time you land a wild on the cell where Vincenzo is waiting, additional spins are added to the pool.

Free Spins Round

During the free spins round, additional wilds appear on the reels, these wilds appear in stacks of 2 or 3 or as singles and are represented by famous works of art.

Art Of The Heist Bonus

If you are lucky enough to stop the bonus symbol in the cell where Vincenzo is located during the base game, a bonus game is activated. Bonus game in Art of the Heist is a game where you get to move around the different rooms of the museum, looking for artifacts to steal.

As you move through the rooms, you get to collect keys and steal precious works of art, while being pursued by guards who take away your keys. The ultimate goal is to steal the most valuable painting available, which is found randomly in one of the rooms.

Base Game Wins

Art of the Heist is generally a low variance game with plenty of base game hits, which compensate for the best you need to make in order to bring Vincenzo inside the halls of the museum.

Guards And Mummies

While robbing the museum, Vincenzo faces two big threats. While the guards on the reels and in the bonus game will do their best to detain him and stop him from stealing the paintings, the mummies who have mysteriously awakened will try to scare Vincenzo away and make him leave them in peace.

Why Play Art of the Heist

Art of the Heist is one of the most interactive and fun slots we have had a chance to play in a long time. If you are looking for reasons to play Art of the Heist, you need not look further than the game's amazing graphics and animations, but its lucrative winning opportunities add even more of a reason to give it a few spins.

The game's goofy characters and fun theme alone make Art of the Heist a game that any slots player should try at least once. Combine this with the exciting robber's pathway feature and you have yourself a game that is bound to leave you coming back for more.