Play Bell of Fortune

Developed by Play n Go, Bell of Fortune is a simplistic and engaging video slot game which evokes a universal slot machine feeling with its simple three reels and one payline. The symbols spinning on the reels are proven timeless favorites: fruits and bells, a well-known sight to anyone that’s ever stepped foot in Las Vegas, or any casino for that matter. The bell is also this game’s wild, netting a win when matched with any other symbol. That is nice, but wait until you see three bells on the payline: this means you’ve won the lucrative progressive jackpot!

The game has an RTP of 87.92%, but this rises to 94.12% when playing with the maximum bet amount. It has only 4 symbols: bells, strawberries, oranges, and plums. Together they can form one of 7 winning combinations on the payline. To the right of the play area, you can find the paytable, which shows the available winnings when playing with 1, 2 or 3 coins.

Bell of Fortune | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Classic slot

  • Software: Play N Go

  • Return to Player: 94.12%

  • Hit Frequency: Medium

  • Reels: 3

  • Skill Level: All players

Bell of Fortune | Special Features

Automated Play

Bell of Fortune offers you the option of automated replay. You can set the parameters to match your preference, and the game will do the rest! This way you can enjoy looking on as the game does its thing without any effort whatsoever. Pick between 20, 35, 50, 75 or 100 consecutive spins and sit back as the slot reels take over.

You can set the game to stop automatically playing after one of the specified parameters of your choice is met.

The conditions you choose to stop the reels can be one of the following: Stop after you get a win, stop when a win exceeds a specified amount, stop when your balance increases by a set amount, or stop when your total loss reaches a certain sum.

Variable Bets

Bell of Fortune offers you the opportunity to optimize the way you bet to your liking. There’s three options to choose from, betting one, two or three coins, each worth 0.25.

Progressive Jackpot

Bell of Fortune boasts a progressive jackpot available to just the bravest players. It’s only reachable if you invest the maximum bet of three coins, adding up to 0.75 credits. Match three bell symbols and the massive jackpot is yours!

Each spin of the Bell of Fortune reels that fails to win the jackpot adds a percentage of its value to the pot, making it ever so tempting the longer the jackpot isn’t claimed!

Classic Design

The fruits and bell symbols of this game are a well-known, long-time favorite among casino lovers. Bell of Fortune offers a classic, almost analogue, feeling when playing.

The Wild

The titular symbol of this game, the Bell of Fortune, is simultaneously its wild and highest prized symbol. Match one or two bells with any fruit symbols for modest winnings, but brace yourself and ready your virtual cup to collect a LOT of coins when you match three bells. This brings winnings of 800 when playing with 1 coin, 1600 when playing with 2 and the coveted progressive jackpot when playing with the maximum bet!

Why Play Bell of Fortune

It’s very easy to get into it and play Bell of Fortune. It will instantly hook anyone, from beginners to old-time casino aficionados. To the newbie, it offers a simple and right-to-the-point interface with a clear overview of the game’s features: three reels, a single payline, and a simple paytable to track your winnings on. Anyone can get right down to playing within the minute!

To the long-time player, Bell of Fortune offers an authentic feeling. It’s almost like you’re pulling an actual lever and sending real cylinders spinning inside a physical machine! This, coupled with the progressive jackpot and the option to choose between the number of coins you bet will keep you spinning for hours!