Play Blackjack / MH

Blackjack MH stands for Blackjack Multihand. It simply means you’re playing multiple hand, making the game more exciting. It is possible to play up to 5 hands at the same time, and each hand can have different amount bets. The game uses 5 standard decks of cards and after each round, they are shuffled. The aim of the game is to have a hand of 21. With Blackjack MH, the dealer deals 2 cards to players as well as himself. One of the cards is dealt face up with the other one being face down.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games for the gamblers, and one of the key features of Blackjack MH is that the game has an insurance option, so that if the dealer draws an Ace, this option becomes available to the player, paying the player 2:1 odds.

Blackjack / MH | Game Statistics

  • Game Type:Card Game

  • Software: Play ‘n Go

  • Return to Player: 99.54%

  • Hit Frequency: unidentified

  • Reels:None

  • Skill Level: Difficult

Blackjack / MH | Special Features

Rules And Extras

Blackjack MH has a Return to Player or RTP of 99.54% which is high and means that for each €1 you bet, you can get €0.9954 back over a long-term. The idea of the game is for you to form a higher hand than what the dealer has, while at the same time not allowing your hand to exceed 21.

As an example, cards 2 – 20 have a nominal value, Aces count as 1 or 11 and the Jack, Queen and King are valued at 10.

With each round of play, the cards will be reshuffled. In Blackjack MH, it is also possible to double on any two cards. In this card game, there are a number of options available to players and one of these is what is known as ‘push’ where the dealer’s hand total is between 17 and 21, matching your hand’s value.

Compatible With Mobile

Play ‘n Go has made sure that their gamblers are able to access their slot, table, and card games and they’ve ensured that Blackjack MH is compatible with all the commonly used devices such as iOS and Android for superb convenience.

Different Actions With Blackjack Multihand

There are some actions that you need to familiarise yourself with when you play Blackjack Multihand. For instance ‘Deal’ is easy enough as it starts the round once a bet has been placed. You’ll press ‘stand’ for instance if you’re pleased with the value of your hand and you don’t want any extra cards.

You’ll need to understand ‘split’ too because if your first 2 cards are the same value, you can split them into 2 separate hands. You do this by placing a 2nd wager of the same value on the 2nd hand. You then play one hand at a time.

Who Can Play

Blackjack Multihand or Blackjack MH is a card game designed for and affordable for high rollers but also casual players. The minimum bet is €1, and the maximum bet is €100.


Once a round is over in Blackjack MH, you can opt for ‘clear bets’ if you want to start an entirely new round or you can click ‘Rebet.’ This option allows you to automatically have the same bets as your previous hand. If you click ‘deal,’ 2 face-up cards are dealt on hand positions.

Why Play Blackjack / MH

Blackjack and Blackjack MH are popular casino games because of the fun involved if you take the trouble to learn the basics. Blackjack isn’t about just getting as close to 21 points as you can without exceeding the number; the exciting part comes in beating the dealer by putting together a hand that has more than the dealer. When you Play Blackjack / MH, you will realise that there are different variations of the game, but multi-hand or multi-deck is the most popular.

Play ‘n Go has made sure that you can play Blackjack MH around the clock for sheer entertainment and wins. The best part is that by signing up with the best online casinos, you can play live blackjack against a real, live dealer.