Play Casino Hold 'Em

Casino Hold 'Em is one of the first Texas Hold 'Em poker games to come to the casino. Instead of playing against other people, you will now be playing against the casino. It is a straight contest between you the player and the dealer. You do not need to worry about having a better hand than the other players, only that your hand is better than the dealers. Place an Ante bet, and receive your two cards face down, the dealer will have their own two cards and it is time to play!

A variant on the much loved 5 card poker game, in the middle of the table you will see three cards are placed face up. Assess your cards to see if you can take on the casino and win. A further two cards will be dealt to the table, and then the showdown begins.

Casino Hold 'Em | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Card

  • Software: Playtech

  • Return to Player: 97.84%

  • Hit Frequency: 12%

  • Reels: 0

  • Skill Level: Intermediate

Casino Hold 'Em | Special Features


If the dealer does not hold a better hand than a pair of 4's they will then fail to qualify. In this case, you will not need to bet, raise, fold, or other, as you will automatically win. If the dealer qualifies, but you have a better hand, then you will win double your Ante bet, it is fun all around.

If the dealer qualifies and has a better hand than you, then you will forfeit double your Ante bet. Be sure to back a strong hand for a chance to win!

In Casino Hold 'Em you will be playing against the dealer only, if you feel that your hand is strong then put your money where your mouth is. You will feel the rush of the draw, when the cards are laid out on the table and you can judge whether you were right or not.

Two Decisions

In this game, you will have one of two decisions to make. Whether the dealer will qualify, and then whether your hand is better than the dealers. If you feel lucky, then place a bet and see how the cards are dealt.

Pair of Aces

The best cards you can receive in your hand is the elusive pocket aces. The two Ace cards are the highest and one of the hardest hands to beat. If you get a pair of pocket aces you will automatically be in with a win if you have placed a bet in the AA bonus section!

You will receive seven-fold your original bet. If you feel like you will be lucky this hand, then place a bet and see if the money will be flooding your way.

AA Bonus Side Bet

If you feel like your hand will be a lucky one, then place a bet in the AA Bonus Side Bet. Here, depending upon the outcome of the game, you can receive high payouts of up to forty-fold your original bet.

Royal Flush

The royal flush is the games best hand, one that you can make by combining a flush, which is five cards all of the same suit, and a straight, which is five cards in order, and having it the highest straight possible, the 10 through to Ace. If you are lucky enough to encounter this, you will be in for a huge payout.

Why Play Casino Hold 'Em

Play Casino Hold 'Em to challenge the dealer to an old-style Texas stand-off. If you feel lucky, test your poker skills against the dealer, where you will be able to challenge for the strongest hand on the table. Take a gamble and be lucky, you may even come across a Royal Flush, where all of your dreams will come true!

Remember, you will only be playing against the dealer, not the other players on the table. Your hand therefore only needs to be stronger than one other person, not the table to be in with a chance to win.