Play Casino Stud Poker

Online Casino Stud Poker is arguably one of the most played poker variants. Many designers have tried to come up with their own versions of this poker game but the strategy, game-play rules and the number of cards remain the same. Basically, this is a game that is served with a deck of 52 cards without the inclusion of jokers. The main objective of the player is to win payouts by beating the dealer, of course, getting a better higher hand than him. Besides, you can also beat the dealer if his hand does not comprise of the minimum payout combination.

For the players, it is important to note that Casino Stud Poker is played only on one box. The initial bet, commonly referred to as Ante ranges from €1 to €100 depending on your favourite casino. As such, if you make an Ante, you will be served with 5 cards while the dealer receives a similar batch of cards with only one face up. The player has 2 options depending on the rank of his hand. Either to 'fold' in which case he brings the game to an end and eventually loses the Ante. The player can also choose to 'call' an option in which he makes a bet equal to 2 Antes.

Casino Stud Poker | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Poker game

  • Software: Play n' Go

  • Return to Player: 94.78%

  • Skill level: All players

  • Reels: No reels

  • Hit Frequency: Not static

Casino Stud Poker | Special Features

Casino Stud Poker Payout Combinations

As described above, the calling option by the player opens a floodgate of payout combinations which are determined as follows. First, once the player calls, the dealer will reveal his cards and check whether the minimum combination has been realised. If it has not been realised, the Ante (bet) is paid 1:1 while the bet is returned. If the dealer has managed the minimum combination, the hand is compared with what the player has in which case it may result in the following situations.

If the dealer has a better hand than the player, the Ante is taken by the cashier. If both the player's and the dealer's hand are equal, the bets must be returned.

In case the player's hand is better than the dealer's hand, the ante wins a 1:1 ratio in which the payout is calculated on the basis of predetermined odds. Such odds are universally applicable and have been established to be the guiding rules with regards to possible poker hands.

Pairs Or Three Cards

In case of a pair combination, the Ante is paid 1:1, while two pairs are paid 2:1. Where a player gets three of a kind combination, payout is calculated based on 3:1 ratio

Straight, Flush Or Full House

All these are combinations which may result out of a call made by a player, and by luck, the player hands come out better than the dealer. In case of a Straight combination, the payout is calculated on a basis of 4:1.

A flush combination is another possible outcome whose ante payout is determined by 5:1. For Full House combinations, the player's bet payout is calculated on a basis of 7:1 ratio.

Royal Flush and Straight Flush

Perhaps, these are the most rewarding Poker odds. The Straight flush combination is paid on the basis of 50:1 while the incredible Royal Flush is paid a whopping 100:1.

Casino Stud Poker Jackpot

Interestingly, in this casino game, the jackpot is accumulated by deducting just small amounts of your regular bets. This makes it necessary to add an extra bet one Euro whenever you are playing. However, this bet is completely independent of the basic bet. The payouts for jackpot are determined by a flush combination of 50 Euros, Full House - 100 Euros, while four of a kind gets a whole 500 Euros.

Why Play Casino Stud Poker

If you want to Play Casino Stud Poker get ready for epic wins. It is a game readily available in a majority of online-based casinos. Likewise, the strategies and rules of the game are expressly easy giving you an upper hand over the casino. Designed for all types of gamblers, this a game whose bets starts from as low as a single Euro.

The game also has many winning combinations. This is a good feature which has an overall effect of increasing your winning frequencies. With a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) of 94.78%, this is a relatively fair Poker game in which you can win big cash prizes.