Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Double exposure is one of the trickiest variations of Blackjack. The reason for this is that all the dealer’s cards are exposed but the rules of the game are modified so as to give the dealer and the house an advantage. Although it may seem like knowing what the dealer has at all times is a good thing, players will still require a lot of skill to win in this game. That said, the wins are usually bigger than most other blackjack variations precisely because the risk is usually higher.

One of these risks is that all the draws will always be awarded to the dealer and the house. Another rule that seems to tie the hands of players is that they can only split once per round. This can be devastating if the player lands two aces, splits them then lands any other faced cards.

Double Exposure Blackjack | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Blackjack

  • Software: Various

  • Return to Player: Unspecified

  • Hit Frequency: Unspecified

  • Reels: None

  • Skill Level: Expert

Double Exposure Blackjack | Special Features

Card Values

The King, Jack and Queen all have a value of 10 as does the number 10 card. All the other cards have values that correspond to their face values. The Ace can be a 1 or 11 and the value is usually assigned in a way that benefits the player. The player and the dealer take turns receiving cards with the dealer’s cards being placed face up on the table.

The usual moves of Hit, Double, stand and split are all available with one key difference: Double exposure blackjack does not allow players to take insurance.

Another key difference from other forms of blackjack is that once the player stops asking for more cards, the dealer adds one more card in case the dealer has a card value smaller than 17. This can be an advantage to the player as the dealer is likely to go “Bust” if they do this.

The Rules Do Change

Because Double Exposure Blackjack is mainly played online, it is quite common for the rules to change as you move from casino to casino, or even between online and live casinos.

Some Rule Changes To Know

As mentioned above, the dealer will always hit or stands on a soft 17. This means they can add or not add a card if they have a combined value of 17. Players may not get a chance to double on the first two cards depending on the casino.

Remember that doubling doubles your win or loss depending on how the round goes. Since you already know what the dealer has, some casinos might not allow you to take advantage of that by doubling your wager.

Going “Bust”

Players who are new to the game might not know what a bust is. This is simply where the card values go over 21. This leads to an automatic loss no matter what the dealer has.

Standing and Splitting

Standing is deciding not to add more cards to your pile and waiting to see what the dealer has. Splitting is what it sounds like; splitting the cards in order to separate cards that have the same value, such as two aces. Remember that some casinos will not let you do this so be sure to read the rules beforehand.

Why Play Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is not for the faint-hearted. The odds are stacked against you but the wins are usually bigger than most other Blackjack variations. There is a sense of achievement that comes with every win when you play Double Exposure Blackjack. Double Exposure Blackjack is also a lot more exciting than other blackjack variations which might appeal to players coming from other blackjack variations.

The best thing about Double Exposure Blackjack is that it is totally available online. Players who love taking their casino games on the go will love this. Also, most casinos have made the game available to those playing on modern mobile devices.