Play Double Exposure Blackjack / MH

Double Exposure Multi-hand Blackjack is a nice variation of traditional Blackjack developed by Microgaming developers. At first glance, you may think it as a run-off-the-mill Blackjack variant. But you are pleasantly surprised to find that the dealer shows both cards at the time of the deal. You play by European rules that freshen up the classic game of Blackjack, but there a few more rules you should learn before taking on this 'peep show' of Blackjack variants. You still need to master a few skills even though the dealer bares it all.

Since the dealer, and the house, are at a considerable disadvantage, the typical 3 to 2 payout you expect in Blackjack is reduced to even money. That reduces the dealer's handicap somewhat, but the real kicker is, ties go to the dealer, apart from a blackjack tie where the player wins.

Double Exposure Blackjack / MH | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Table

  • Software: Microgaming

  • Return to Player:93.23%

  • Hit Frequency: low-medium

  • Reels: none

  • Skill Level: low-medium

Double Exposure Blackjack / MH | Special Features

No Ties of Push Hands

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Double Exposure Multi-hand Blackjack is the fact that ties are always resolved in the favour of the dealer. In a Tie Hand, if both hands have an equal value, the dealer always wins. However, on the off chance that both the dealer and the player have Blackjacks, then the hand is considered to be a tie, or a win for the player, depending on the terms and conditions of the casino.

Owing to the above rules, it is always imperative to hit soft hands because it is almost impossible to burst, and the hand cannot win in most circumstances.

For hard hands, the value of the hand determines whether the player should hit or double down. Hard hands with between four to eight points should be hit. However, if the dealer shows a six in his hand, and the player has cards totalling anywhere between nine to eleven points, the player should fold.

5 Cards Can Be Played

Up to 5 cards can be played at any given time. If the player does not burst during this period, he or she wins the hand, depending on the terms and conditions of the casino.

No Side Bets Are Allowed

Unlike traditional Blackjack games, no side bets are allowed in Double Exposure Multihand Blackjack. Allowing side bets considerably pushes the RTP dangerously in the player's favour. That said, the split option is available as a one-time option, meaning re-splitting is not allowed.

Since traditional Blackjack strategies rely on splitting and side bets, players have to develop new strategies while playing Double Exposure Multihand Blackjack. These strategies typically revolve around hitting and doubling down.

Ten Cards Are Considered Equal

Jack of Spades and King of Hearts, for instance are considered equal. Therefore, they can be split, even though the split option can only be used once.

No Surrender and Insurance Moves

Since players already know the dealer's hand, surrender and insurance moves typically offered in classic Blackjack are not available. The surrender option allows you to retain half of your bet when chances of winning are slim. If you have 15 or 16 for example, your chances of winning are close to zero. Surrendering at this point preserves half of your stake, In Double Exposure Multihand Blackjack though, you do not have this option.

Why Play Double Exposure Blackjack / MH

There are numerous reasons to play Double Exposure Blackjack / MH. The top reason, of course, is getting an edge over the house since you know the dealer's hand. That makes it easy to develop a winning strategy. Even for novices who are starting out on Blackjack strategies and card counting, Double Exposure Multihand Blackjack provides a welcoming advantage and atmosphere to learn the rules of the game.

The second reason why you would want to play this Blackjack variation is Microgaming's version of the game makes for a smooth experience where you see every event from the chips sliding over to the betting square to cards gliding from the dealer to your five-hand position.