Play English Roulette

Roulette is a popular table-based game that has been a gamblers' sensation since time immemorial. The exciting thing about this game is that European and American variants are more popular. But this review will explore an insightful coverage of a unique version of Roulette known as the English Roulette. Basically, this version is played with the use of old European rules but with a special feature referred to as 'call bets'. These call bets have unique names such as Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre, and Voisins du Zero. Nevertheless, in English Roulette, there are no neighbour bets.

In terms of betting range, this game is quite friendly to all punters as bets start from as low as single Euro up to 25 Euros. Outside bets range between €5 to €100. The game kicks-off once you placed your wagers and the croupier deals the ball so that it can determine the winning number or numbers.

English Roulette | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Table-based Roulette

  • Software: Play n' Go

  • Skill Level: All Players

  • Return to Player: Dynamic

  • Reels: Nil

  • Hit Frequency: dynamic

English Roulette | Special Features

English Roulette Bets

English Roulette is a primarily a table-based game in which the spinning ball determines whether the player(s) or the casino wins. The table consists of 37 spots which are alternately coloured black and red. With such conspicuous colours, the pockets are numbered 1 to 36. A player is required to pick the chips from below the virtual table and place them on the perceived lucky numbers.

The croupier will then set the wheel in a spinning motion before dealing the ball. Once the ball is set in motion, you should be alert to note where it comes.

However, whether you are playing against the casino alone or in the company of up to five others, you must comply with the rules. As such, when the dealer loudly announces ' no more bets' you will not be able to change your chips position on the table.

Winning Combinations

Once you have observed the basic rules, determination of a winner is easy as it gets. If the spinning ball stops at the number(s) in which you have placed your chips, you win while the casino loses.

English Roulette Outside Bets

Outside bets as regards English Roulette, refer to bets that are placed on a group of numbers as opposed to a few or a single numbers. They are common to risk-averse gamblers who prefer them because of the higher probability of getting a return on their Roulette investment.

With the outside bets, you can bet whether the ball will fall on a red or black spot. With such a scenario the outside bet is known as Red or Black Bet. In case you win such a bet you will be paid on a 1-to-1 basis. This means getting your betting amount back plus a winning of equivalent value.

Even Or Odd Bet

This is another type of an outside bet. With all 36 spots, you can bet whether the ball will stop at even or odd numbers. In case you predict correctly, the payment will also be determined by 1-to-1.

Low Versus High Bets

In English Roulette, numbers 1-18 are referred to as low numbers. Numbers 19-36 are labelled high numbers. You can set your bets in such a way that if the ball stops on low numbers you win. In such a bet, a ball stopping on high numbers shall constitute a losing bet and vice-versa.

Why Play English Roulette

In case you want to play English Roulette check whether your casino is offering it. It is a game that is increasingly gaining roots in a number of casinos hence it is highly likely to find it in your casino. The betting range is quite elastic to accommodate all types of players. Similarly, strategies and rules of the game are easy to grasp.

English Roulette has many betting options which are designed to help you win more frequently. A combination of both inside and outside bets will, for instance, leave you awed. A number of top casinos are also offering juicy bonuses on this game.