Play European Blackjack / MH

Blackjack has been a popular casino games option since the early days of brick and mortar casinos. The European Blackjack Multi-Hand version is as such a vibrant game that draws global attention from all mobile casinos it is offered. It comes with several winning ways hence guaranteed wins for skillful punters. With as low as a single Euro, you can set your bet levels. Also, the auto expert mode gives you a chance to enjoy numerous uninterrupted hands, given the specifics you have keyed in. That being the case, the game-play proceeds as follows.

The game starts with a pair of standard decks of 52 cards. The players are set against the dealer. To win you must beat the dealer by getting a hand that is close to a natural of 21. Numbered cards are worth their pip values while face cards are worth 10 points. Aces are worth eleven points. However, in case it contributes to a hand that exceeds 21, they just count as 1

European Blackjack / MH | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Table-based Blackjack

  • Software: Microgaming

  • Return to Player: Dynamic

  • Hit Frequency: Dynamic

  • Reels: No reels

  • Skill Level: All players

European Blackjack / MH | Special Features

European Blackjack Payout Features

The game kicks off when a player plays his bet and served with 2 face-up cards. The dealer is also served with one face-up card. In case the player gets a combination of an Ace and a card with 10 points, he automatically beats the dealer because he has achieved the best possible hand, otherwise known as Blackjack. Such a hand pays 3:2 odds

However, if the player gets a hand that is below 21, he has the following options which are plainly explored here.

The player may choose to stand. If he stands, the play ends while the player sticks with whatever hand he has. Then there is a double down option. Here, the player doubles the initial bet and requests for an extra card in which case he must stand.

The Hit Option

As described above, a player is faced with many scenarios after falling short of the natural 21. One of such options is to hit. With such an option, the player is given one more card and adds its value to the hand score.

The Split Option

This is a scenario where a player gets 2 cards which have the same and equal face value. He can either split them and as such, make them two separate hands. Where he decides to treat them separately, each of the hands must be played as one bet.

Once you have proceeded with your bets as you deem lucky, the dealer will always reveal or give out the second card. Nonetheless, in doing so the dealer must follow strict instructions which guide the issuance of the second card.

Surrender Option

In case of going through all the above options, the player may choose to surrender. Here, a player forfeits half of his bet and brings the play to an end.

The Insurance Bet

This is a side bet which is offered where the dealer is showing an Ace and consequently pays outs 2/1 odds. With such a situation and the player having a Blackjack hand, he will automatically qualify to place a bet that is half his base game bet. Accordingly, he will be guaranteed an even money win without taking into account the dealer's hand.

Why Play European Blackjack / MH

One of the reasons why gamblers play European Blackjack / MH is that almost every casino offers this game. The strategies and rules are easy to understand. Likewise, such strategies are freely available on a number of online gambling sites. Players have a number of options in which they play around and still record a winning. Also, this game is meant for all players as the betting range is quite friendly.

For experienced and even new players, the winning intervals are impressively frequent if you apply the right strategy. Lastly but not the least, a number of casinos are offering sweet deals some of which you can apply to Multi Hand Blackjack and win incredible sums.