Play Mini Baccarat

If you have been trying your hand on a number of casino games, probably you have heard or even played a Baccarat game. This popular game has many variants one of which is Mini-Baccarat. Unlike other Baccarat games, this version is only played with only one player at a time hence no distractions from other gamers. Mini Baccarat is played by use of 8 decks of cards while the betting range is quite elastic and dynamic across casinos. The game's format is a basic table that is greenish in colour and divided into three betting segments.

As such, the game starts when a player chooses the chips that are normally located at the bottom of the screen. After choosing your chip size, place them either on a Banker, Player or a Tie. The object of the game is to get as close as possible to the natural hand of 9.

Mini Baccarat | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Table-Based Baccarat

  • Software: Play n'Go

  • Return to Player: Dynamic

  • Hit Frequency: Dynamic

  • Reels: No reels

  • Skill Level: All players

Mini Baccarat | Special Features

The Mini Baccarat Payout Combinations

As described above, players have three betting divisions, namely; Banker in which case you bet on the house to win, The player bets are placed for player winnings while a tie bet is, of course, a prediction that both the house and the player will have equal hands. A player and Banker bets pay even odds of 1:1 which basically means that you get a winning prize equal to your bet.

However, in addition to the even bet payout extended to players, they also get an extra 5% as a commission for their winnings.

A tie bet comes with the best payout relative to others. As such, if you manage to win a tie bet you will be paid a whopping 8:1 with regards to your chip value. In as much as the payout is lucrative, it is however rarely won.

The Extra Card Feature

Generally, after you have placed your chips, the game will kick off with a player having 2 cards and also the banker having the same number of cards. The third card may be added to any of the parties depending on the combined total of earlier cards.

Side Bets And Bead Road

For the lovers of specific bonuses, this game does not have an express bonus in which you can enjoy free rounds. Perhaps, this lack of bonus is compensated by side bets which allow the player or the banker to be dealt with an extra pair of cards.

The bead road feature is also another informative tip that allows you to check the results of the last 48 hands dealt. This will probably guide on the most probable winning bet.

Dynamic Mini Baccarat Bonuses

As noted above, this game has no intrinsic bonus features. Nonetheless, there are casinos offering cash match offers which can be used to play this game.

Top Casino Bonuses

Among the casinos offering huge cash bonuses are the likes of Betfair which rewards first-timers with a 200% bonus up to £200. At EuroGrand casino, you can win up to €1000 on deposit offers. Likewise, renowned casinos like William Hill are known to offer incredible bonuses on live dealer games. With such offers, your account can be hugely boosted and play Mini Baccarat any time of the day.

Why Play Mini Baccarat

If you want to play Mini Baccarat, there are many trusted and licensed casinos offering it. With online gambling gaining roots across the world, you can try this game at the comfort of your house. The betting range is dynamic to accommodate both high and low rollers. The rules of the game are easy to understand and are available for free on numerous gaming platforms

Though this game has no intrinsic bonus features, there are many casinos offering huge bonuses which can be applied to the game. With at least three betting options, you will pocket handsome prizes if the bet comes your way.