Play Planet 67

Red Rake Gaming brings us an exciting new take on online bingo games with this funky off-world video bingo by the name of Planet 67. Put on your space suit, climb onto your rocket and come visit Planet 67, the home to an alien race of cute one-eyed green creatures! They’re excited to show you how they relax on this planet: with a game of intergalactic bingo, of course! Each round gets you four cards (3 x 5) with 15 randomly selected numbers from 1 to 60. You can select new random numbers by clicking the cards.

Then, when you click play, 15 balls get randomly chosen and get you prizes if you can connect winning plays on your cards! There’s a number of different winning options, 19 prize patterns in total, but you only get the highest paying ones. To spice it all up, there’s also a randomly triggered Extra Balls feature.

Planet 67 | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Video bingo
  • Software: Red Rake Gaming
  • Return to Player: 95.98%
  • Hit Frequency: Medium
  • Reels: 4 bingo cards
  • Skill Level: All players

Planet 67 | Special Features

Extra Balls

The Extra Balls feature of Planet 67 brings you even more ways to win than you would expect from a regular bingo game. After every round, the Extra Balls option is randomly triggered which offers you the chance to buy a number of extra balls for a higher number of combinations! The extra balls have a label showing their price, and all you have to do is click on a ball to acquire it!

Now, the extra ball can get in on the action and be involved in new winning patterns. You can also buy more than one!

Another winning opportunity is a special extra ball with the number 0, a Wild! You can use it to make the highest paying combination which is missing only one component number! It’s never been easier to make a winning play when you have this many options.

Funky AlienTheme

Planet 67 looks and feels like a sci-fi cartoon, which is to say completely out of this world! Every spin you’re accompanied by the chattering of the green beings, as they cheer you on to win.

Pick Your Play

You have complete freedom over how you bet and win, as your plays are fully customizable. Pick between 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards to be included in each new round, and assign how many coins every card is worth!

You’re also at liberty to pick how many, if any, Extra Balls you’d like to purchase after every round in which Extra Balls are randomly awarded. Try and get the Wild extra ball!

Fast Play

Planet 67 has a lightning button which you can activate to increase the rate at which the game plays. The aliens’ spaceships are lightning fast, after all!


Planet 67 brings an Autoplay feature which is also fully customizable. If you’re bored of clicking “play” every round, give Autoplay a go! You can set how many games to automatically play, 5, 10, 20, 50, 75 or 100, and then choose how the game should act when met with the Extra Balls feature: it can automatically buy all extra balls, buy none of them, or ask you what to do every time extras are awarded!

Why Play Planet 67

If you’re looking for a fresh new take on video bingo, you’re definitely going to enjoy this game! Play Planet 67 by Red Rake Gaming and boldly go where no other gambler has gone before! Make sure to leave enough fuel in your rocket to get back to Earth, though, as you’re going to want to bring all those alien coins back so you spend them here.

Make sure to tell the little aliens we said hi and to live long and prosper, it appears they understand English... We can’t be sure what they’re saying, though, as they respond in their own language, but whatever it is, it must be good, because they sure like showering us with prizes!