Play Reel Spinner

If you are a lover of casino games or what we call an iGamer then you've probably heard of the recent release of Reel Spinner. This is an online pokies game which statistics show that players from Australia are sure to get instantly hooked on. The reason is that it has interactive features and a lot of winning opportunities. It has 5-reel, 15-play online slots that are available on all platforms. Reel spinner is a game that can bring real high payouts and it's as easy as spinning reels. It also has great graphics which gets you hooked right away as you play.

This is actually the right time to get into the Reel Spinner game action. The game has a lot of winning opportunities combined that portray many symbols which show different fishing ways that can really help you in coming out of the game with great payouts which are great for someone who is new at the game or someone who is really out to win some great cash.

Reel Spinner | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Video Slot

  • Software: Microgaming

  • Return to Player: 96.0%

  • Hit Frequency: Low-Medium

  • Reels: 5 Reels/15 Paylines

  • Skill Level: All Players

Reel Spinner | Special Features

Free Spins And Win Multiplier

The game has a lot of spins which can be gotten by having at least three symbols on your reels and when this is gotten you will get into a series of two rounds. The first round has six boats which have a range of 5 to 20 free spins. The second round has a random spin of reels which have a minimum and maximum of 1x-5x multipliers. The multipliers can really increase your chances of winning ending up with a great payout.

The game is very interactive and the boats chosen determine the free spins you can be able to get. The game is also very convenient due to the fact that it can be played on all platforms which include tablets, a personal computer(PC), and mobile phones. When you hit the reel spinner it can determine the size of winning multiplier which can be added to the wins you get on your free spins and this is a great deal of opportunity as a player.

There's no doubt that the winning multiplier offers a lot of good payouts for players compared to other games out there. With this kind of feature, the game has an upper hand in gaining more popularity and having more players come into the mix to get a piece of the cake that shows to be promising.

Wild Symbols

The game has a wild symbol logo which can replace most symbols except for the scatter symbol. The symbols of the game are very vibrant which feature a fishing reel, barracudas, a throttle, a fishing boat, five differently coloured fish, and a compass.

Stunning Graphics

The theme of the game is the deep ocean environment which has been incorporated into beautiful and amazing graphics that portray a realistic kind of view. It goes without saying that the graphics are designed to get you hooked throughout the game.

The backdrop of the ocean theme blends well with the different coloured fish and also it's good for the fishing lovers out there as it showcases the deep sea fishing and the beauty of the ocean.

Bonus Offers

The game offers great bonuses on free spins and also win multipliers that can be used to increase your chances of high returns when you're playing.

Great Jackpots

Also, Reel Spinners has a high jackpot payout which causes it to have the free spins bonuses which can make you end up winning a jackpot. As long as you're playing the game right or the game is doing you a favour there's a high chance of really getting to the point of earning a great deal money as you continue playing the game.

Why Play Reel Spinner

Play Reel Spinner because statistics show that it can be a great opportunity for good returns and high payouts in your endeavours as an iGamer who is out to win money and also have fun. It presents a great feature of nice graphics. It provides a high percentage opportunity of winning huge jackpots for all levels of players as it is very easy and convenient.

There has never been a great time to play Reel Spinners like this present time to get the best out of this promising lucrative game. For anyone out there thinking of trying Reel Spinners, I would say go for it!