Play Scrooge

Scrooge is a micro-gaming slot game based on a popular tale ‘Scrooge from A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickinson. This game has become famous in the world of gaming due to the many benefits and special features attributed to it. The most unique and interesting feature about Scrooge slot game is the huge free spins bonuses offered to the iGamers. Besides, the special and enhanced Scrooge video slots from the micro-gaming software and the 50 pay lines that interweave your screen make the game very exciting and the iGamer may find him or herself starring at the screen while playing the game instead of concentrating on wins and losses.

Scrooge slots offer iGamers with an opportunity to win free spins. The game structure includes 50-pay line video game graphics, amazing sounds, superb animations and remarkable 5-reel. Moreover, iGamers love playing this game because of its amazing and exciting features. The game is also run by the best software platform-Micro-gaming

Scrooge | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Video slot

  • Software: Micro-gaming

  • Return to Player: 96.74%

  • Hit Frequency: Low-Medium

  • Reels: 5

  • Skill Level: All

Scrooge | Special Features

Scrooge Free Spins

A free spin bonus is one of the most unique and interesting features of Scrooge slot game. It is normally activated during virtue Christmas day. Whenever there is a winning combination, iGamers are required to select one of the symbols put on the winning line. This symbol either forwards the dates or offer players with additional free spins in their accounts

Once the date is pushed to 25th December, iGamers are given an opportunity to enter the free spin bonus where they are allowed to cash in all the spins they have accumulated. Moreover, an iGamer's win is multiplied once the free spins have been activated.

Scrooge symbols incorporate the spirits of Christmas, an old clock, stacks of money, the book, the main character of the story, free bonuses, game icon, scatter symbols and the golden world symbols. All these symbols are spread on the fifty pay lines and scrooge’s 5 reels.

Door Knocker Symbols

The Door-Knocker symbol is an important feature of the Scrooge game because it helps iGamers to start the Christmas Dinner Bonus. Five hundred people come up on the screen. The iGamer is required to give supper to each of these people and see who will finish it fast.

Golden Wild Symbols

A golden wild symbol is an important feature of the Scrooge slot game. This is because it is used as the game’s icon. Moreover, wild symbol supersedes all other symbols apart from the scatter symbol which helps in triggering extra games.

Also, wild golden wild symbols offer iGamers with an opportunity to make the most amazing combo on every wager line it arrives on. For iGamers to win the top prize of 6000 coins,they need to find out how to land on 5 Scrooge wild symbols on the reel.

Scrooge Logo

Scrooge Logo provides iGamers with the biggest fixed jackpot. Players really enjoy whenever they try striking the big jackpot win. Besides, Scrooge Logo doubles payouts when it offers iGamers with an opportunity to make a winning combination.

In-Game Multipliers

Scrooge slot game exhibits an incredible In-Game Multiplier feature which helps in changing the quantity of the coin from one to ten. Further, the multipliers change the size of the coin from 0.01 to 0.50. These multiplier features give the iGamers an opportunity to win huge bonuses and enjoy gaming.

Why Play Scrooge

Usually, playing Scrooge slot game gives iGamers opportunity to enjoy playing online casino games and offers them with the new and realistic gaming experience. Designed with eye-catching graphics, a Christmas theme, amazing sounds and wonderful animations, Scrooge slot game brings lots of entertainment to the iGamers and it is easy to play. This is why all iGamers should play Scrooge.

Besides, the game is run by the best software (micro-gaming) in the gaming industry. Scrooge’s special features such as wild symbols, multipliers, free spins and scatter symbols offer players with an enhanced gaming experience and create higher chances of winning. Play Scrooge slot game today to enjoy the unique gaming features and increase your chances of becoming a lucky winner of 100, 000 pounds.