Play Single Deck Blackjack / MH

Single Deck Blackjack / Multihand is similar to the traditional casino card game where you need to reach a hand score of 21 or as near to that score as you can and to win against the dealer's hand. If your score goes over 21 then your only option is to "bust", the dealer wins and the same rule applies the other way around. This game is one of the better casino bets due to its RTP of 98.76%. It is allowed to play three hands at any given time against the dealer, which can be an advantage.

The dealer will have two cards. One facing up and the other facing down. A peek at the down facing card is usually done when the up facing card is a ten. This is to determine whether the dealer has reached 'blackjack' or not. This also saves players having to bet unnecessarily as the dealer will have already declared his win.

Single Deck Blackjack / MH | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Table Game

  • Software: n/a

  • Return to Player: n/a

  • Hit Frequency: n/a

  • Reels: n/a

  • Skill Level: Medium

Single Deck Blackjack / MH | Special Features

Insurance Bet

If the dealer has an Ace card as his facing up card, players can place an Insurance Bet on the hand they believe is the winning hand. If the player has only one hand at play, they can decide to take the Insurance Bet on that particular hand. If accepted, each Insurance Bet will be the equivalent to a half of the corresponding bet.

Whether the Insurance Bet is accepted or declined by the player, the dealer is obliged to check if it is a blackjack.

The bet is lost if the dealer’s hand does not make a blackjack, or if it does, then the bet will be paid at a ratio 2:1. If the player believes the dealer is holding an Ace then they are allowed to take insurance out on as many hands as they want.

Hit Rule

The hit option is no different to that in the original blackjack game. A Hit means they are dealt another card right up until they choose to stand, or they reach 21 or ultimately until they bust.

The Split Rule

If a player receives two cards in one hand which are of the same value, they can choose to split them. The split then allows them to divide the cards into individual hands to be played both up against those of the dealer.

Cards can be drawn after the split, unless they are both Aces whereas only one card per hand will be given. The choice to split gives them a greater chance to beat the dealer.


Also known as 'stick', this is when the player decides they do not need any more cards dealt to them and goes on to play their hand against the dealer's hand.

The Dealer's Turn

The dealer will have their turn to play once the player uses the chance to take action on all of their hands played. The dealers' options, same as in the traditional blackjack game, allow for the decision to hit on a hand they have with less than 16 or stand/stick if their hand is valued at 17 or more.

Why Play Single Deck Blackjack / MH

One of the best reasons to play Single Deck Blackjack / MH is because it is one of the safest games and can be played for longer. Playing multi hands at the same time can work in the players' favour to give them the opportunity to use different strategies for each of their hands. Remember that the dealer has set rules to play by and until they reach 17,can keep drawing cards.

However, the player has chances to work out different tactics. They have an advantage on the dealer as they can find the strategy that best suits them and their gameplay style.