Play Space Corsairs

Pirates in space! What more could you ask for as far as video slot themes go. And Corsairs are not just your ordinary pirates; they have fast ships. In fact, during the Islamic invasion of Europe, the corsair name was given to Muslim pirate ships due to their swiftness in capturing cargo ships and pillaging the Barbary Coast. They were even quite successful in kidnapping European white slaves. Over time, the moniker 'corsair' stuck to describe more professional, skillful sea marauders. In the vastness of space you could easily imagine quite a lot of targets for such an ignoble venture.

Space Corsairs has an immersive background - animated spiral galaxy, gas clouds, star clusters of various density. All quite enticing to hook you in. The soundtrack is continuously exciting as well. Although, it has to be said that they could have created a more unique pirate clothing style. Instead, they just slapped some common pirate tropes and peppered it with a couple of spacey gadgets and weapons.

Space Corsairs | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Video Slot
  • Software: Playson
  • Return to Player: 96.01%
  • Hit Frequency: Unknown
  • Reels: 5
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Space Corsairs | Special Features

Free Spins

Space Corsairs borrows heavily from astronomic symbols, and that is the case throughout all the bonus features, and baseline game. For Free Spins mode specifically, you need to look out for the Planet symbol, which is the Scatter symbol. If you land 3 or more of planets in any position on the reels, the Free Spin mode will be triggered.

Depending on the number of symbols at your disposal, it will be determined how many free spins you get to play out.

Overall, you can win the following number of Free Spins: 15, 20, and 25. In addition, if you land further 3 or more scatter symbols (planets) during the Free Spin mode, you will trigger it again. Also keep a lookout for the solar system map - a bonus symbol that only appears during Free Spins.

Betting Range

In Space Corsairs you can place bets ranging from 0.01 to 5 coins, and 1 coin is the maximum per line. As your ultimate space treasure - the Jackpot - it goes all the way to 1000 coins.

Clover Feature

Space Corsairs is all about hunting for treasure, and what kind of space pirate would you be if you don't indulge yourself in occasional gambling. This is where the 'Clover' button comes in, appearing after every win you have made.

Once you click on the 'Clover' button you get the chance to double your winnings, or lose everything. This enticing button is available for up to 10 times in a row.

Navigating Battleships

When you start gambling with the 'Clover' button, you will have to make a choice between right or left battleship to find the space treasure. If you guess right you win and go on to the next round. Of course, if you choose wrong you will lose everything and go back to the base game - defeated and frustrated. So, use the gambling feature sparingly.

Wild Symbol

Wild symbol is represented by the nifty Black Hole graphic. In accordance with the nature of black holes, it can create winning combos on its own, which is a clever touch by Playson. The black hole Wild will substitute all other symbols except for the bonus and scatter symbols. And finally, if you manage to land the black hole in the center of reel 2, you will trigger the Black Hole mode, also finely animated.

Why Play Space Corsairs

Although not that original, Space Corsairs manages to capture your attention immediately with tense music, animated graphics and background. It is quite an enjoyable experience, especially if you are into space adventures. The mini-games and bonuses are enjoyable when they happen, and the RTP is generous. If you play Space Corsairs, you could definitely lose yourself in the vastness of space.

The only issue when it comes to Space Corsairs is the art style. They have just placed the old space pirate mythos into a space environment, instead of creating their own, original space pirate style, akin to cyberpunk. However, if that doesn't bother you, you will find it enjoyable.