Play Wacky Panda

With video slots being so popular lately, few classic slots get any spotlight anymore. However, Microgaming's Wacky Panda gives us plenty of reasons to spins the reels of a classic slot machine and go back to the basics of gambling. With simple graphics and sounds and fewer features than most modern games, Wacky Panda does not impress with complexity. Rather, we were impressed to see how such a simple game can be so exciting and fun to play. After seeing the game's top payouts, you will likely be just as impressed yourself.

Unlike many modern video slots, Wacky Panda is a classic slot game that features just three reels and a single payline across the middle. Players get to bet as little as £0.01 and as much as £5 per spin, with up to three coins available, for a maximum total bet of £15.

Wacky Panda | Game Statistics

  • Game Type: Classic Slot

  • Software: Microgaming

  • Return to Player: 96.4%

  • Hit Frequency: Low

  • Reels: 3

  • Skill Level: All players

Wacky Panda | Special Features

The Wacky Pandas

The most valuable symbols in the game of Wacky Panda are pandas themselves. There are four different pandas that can appear on the reels, with each paying for a payline of three and the most valuable of them also paying when he appears in singles or doubles. Landing a single one of these pandas on the payline will pay you 10x your total bet.

Players will be looking to land these cute and silly pandas on the middle of the reels and line them up on the game's only payline.

The most common win comes from stopping a single top paying panda on the payline, which is worth 30 coins when you are betting three coins. If you are lucky enough to stop all three of these pandas, you get to win the game's top jackpot, whose value changes depending on the number of coins you are betting.

Wacky Panda Jackpot

The ultimate jackpot in Wacky Panda game is worth 3.333 coins. You will need to bet three coins per spin in order to win this bet worth 1.111 times your total bet. Betting one or two coins will leave you with a jackpot worth only 1.000 times your total bet.

Choose Your Coins Number

In Wacky Panda, players get to bet anywhere between one and three coins per spin, which can be worth as low as £0.01 each. Betting one or two coins is just fine, but if you want to get the most out of Wacky Panda, you should bet three coins each spin.

The main reason to bet three coins is the fact that the game's top jackpot, three Wacky Pandas is worth more if you are betting the maximum number of spins, which makes it well worth it to bet the extra coin.

Wacky Panda Fruit Symbols

The lower paying symbols in Wacky Panda are represented by grapes, bananas and watermelons, which have been common symbols in the slots industry since the very inception and are very common in classic slots.

Lack Of Bonus Rounds

The unfortunate fact about Wacky Panda is that this Microgaming powered classic slot does not include any bonus rounds, free spins or even a wild symbol, which makes it quite different to many modern day video slots. For this reason, players will have to be content with base game wins, which are quite generous in their own right.

Why Play Wacky Panda

While Wacky Panda may not be as modern and advanced as many of the video slots available on the market, the game does offer plenty of excitement and is quite fun to play for a while. In the fashion of most classic slots, the game has one massive payout and if you decide to play Wacky Panda, you will be looking to hit this jackpot worth over a thousand total bets.

Other than this jackpot, you will get to win plenty of base game wins as well, with all paying at least 10 times your total bet. Bare in mind that Wacky Panda is fairly high variance, so make sure you have a substantial bankroll if you do decide to play it.