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$1.000.000 lotto prize will dramatically change this couple’s life

Winning a major lottery windfall means you can move into a new home, buy any car you want to, and go on your dream vacation – and Rayel Poitras and Lisa-Rae Scott plan to do all of this. An amazing $1.000.000 prize that they scooped a couple of weeks ago will allow them to change their lives dramatically. If this is something you would also like to do, play Powerball and turn your life around with a $155.000.000 prize!

The fortunate couple correctly guessed the Encore code in the Lottario draw on February 25th. Mr. Poitras couldn’t believe his eyes after seeing they won $1.000.000, and immediately left the gas station where he checked the ticket so he wouldn’t cause a scene. Ms. Scott was waiting for him in the car, and after he shared the lucky news she was left speechless. They went to another store to check the ticket again, and that was when they finally realized the victory was real.

“After checking multiple times, we picked up some take out and a bottle of bubbly and drove over to see Lisa-Rae’s parents where we shared the good news,” recalled Mr. Poitras.

The couple has been together for a decade, and said this victory will dramatically change their lives, especially because it provided them with an opportunity to secure the futures of their children.

“We can finally become homeowners. This prize also means a lot to us and our family, who will be sharing in it. We will be putting some of it aside for our kids’ education, treat ourselves to new wheels and maybe even a vacation,” said the winners.

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