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Lotto news

Manteca woman scoops $785.000 after coping with grief and misfortune

One of the most beautiful things about the lottery is seeing it changes the lives of the people who deserve it the most, and Denice Harvey is the perfect example. This woman from Manteca had lost many things she held dear in the last couple of months, but good fortune finally came her way and rewarded her with a $785.000 Powerball prize. The jackpot is still up for grabs – play now to net $205.000.000!

The 58-year-old bought three Powerball tickets during an overnight trip to Capitola with her family in late July, but didn’t check them right away. Harvey only realized that she became a major Powerball winner after scanning a bunch of scratchers that didn’t bring her any luck, and the ticket from the draw on July 30th that made her $785.000 richer.

“My legs went limp, and here I am. I can’t even win a bar of soap at a freaking baby shower. I would have been fine with $785, OK? I would have been dancing. I’m so grateful. This is God-sent,” said Ms. Harvey.

The prize money could not have come at a better time for the Manteca resident, whose husband died recently. She’s been living with her family and friend for the last several months, since she lost her house and car, despite trying to work three jobs in order to save them.

“I don’t feel like I really belong anywhere right now. I just started going back to church because I’ve been lost. It was weird, the sermon was all about greediness, like it was a sign to me! Because I don’t want to change. Everyone tells me nobody deserves to win more than me. But I want to remain the same humble person,” explained the winner.