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Lotto news

Newry man finds £1.000.000 Euromillions ticket in his coat pocket

At the end of August, while the weather was still nice, Jim McLoughlin purchased Euromillions ticket which ended up winning £1.000.000. It spent a whole week in the pocket of his coat, but he found it about a week later when he started looking for something to wear since it got cold outside. You still have a bit of time left to win millions during summertime – play now to snatch a dazzling $222.000.000 jackpot!

“After some lovely hot weather it started to get a bit chilly. So I had a look around the house for my jacket which I hadn’t worn for a while. When I put my hand in the pocket of my coat the ticket I bought was still there,” said the lucky man.

He checked the numbers at the local SuperValu store, and after the machine started buzzing one of the clerks advised him to contact Camelot. They’ve informed him that he became a winner of a £1.000.000 reward and a vacation to Brazil, but since he’s not a big fan of traveling Mr. McLoughlin decided to take a cash alternative and added additional £46.000 to his prize.

“I was absolutely stunned. I asked her to check everything again, asked her was she sure? My mind was totally buzzing. I just couldn’t process what was happening to me,” said the fortunate 68-year-old.

The first person he shared the lucky news with was his son Gary, who checked the winning code again on his TV and thought it was all a mistake. He’s also going to be one of a few people McLoughlin will share his new-found fortune with.

“I want to help some friends and family out. I’d also like to buy my flat and totally renovate it and maybe buy a new car as well,” said Mr. McLoughlin.