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Lotto news

Wichita couple wins $1.000.000 with a ticket purchased on their anniversary

Ricky and Kathy Clark will remember this year’s wedding anniversary as the best one ever because it was also the day when they became $1.000.000 richer. Thanks to this amazing Powerball prize, the fortunate Wichita couple will be able to enjoy their future together without any financial worries. Play SuperEnaLotto and you could win much more on Tuesday night – a life-changing €142.900.000 windfall is up for grabs!

The Clarks matched the five main winning numbers in the Powerball draw on September 10th with a ticket they’ve purchased at the Kwik Shop near K-15 and 47th St. S in their hometown of Wichita. Every major lottery reward has a special meaning for those who won it, but even more so for Ricky and Kathy, since they’ve bought the golden ticket on their wedding anniversary.

“We’ve been married 33 years on September 10. Ricky came and bought the ticket and I thought to myself ‘That would be wonderful,’” recalled Kathy Clark.

The lucky couple already purchased a Cadillac SUV and intend to buy a new house, but early retirement isn’t a part of their plan. Mr. Clark, who had been an employee of several aviation companies, will keep working in years to come, because he “doesn’t like sitting around”. Despite winning $1.000.000, The Clarks will continue playing Powerball at their favourite Kwik Shop and even if they don’t win anything major again, they can always enjoy worry-free future.

“It means financial stability, having what I need in life, instead of having to worry. I’m a millionaire and happy woman,” said Ms. Clark.