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Pros and cons of early retirement after hitting the jackpot

“Early retirement” are two words that can often be found in stories about lottery winners – many polls in the past showed that a significant number of people actually counts on winning the lottery as their retirement plan. Some of them can’t wait to get their hands on easily earned money and stop working forever, while others decide to keep their jobs despite scooping millions. It’s up to you to choose your own path if you manage to win a life-changing SuperEnaLotto jackpot – play now to snatch €144.100.000!

Pro 1: Getting the rest you deserve

Lottery winners rarely retire because they’re lazy slackers looking for a way to avoid their responsibilities – they are very often people of old age who were waiting for this moment their entire lives. Scooping a significant amount of cash finally provides them with an opportunity to get a much-deserved break, and there’s nothing wrong with one’s choice to enjoy their autumn years without getting up early for work every morning.

Pro 2: More time for people you love

One third of your day is spent in the workplace, but not if you retire – when you don’t have to work you can spend these eight hours any way you want to and with anyone you want to. Early retirement gives you a lot of time for your family and friends and thanks to the money you won the list of activities you can do together is pretty much limitless.

Pro 3: Opportunity to travel and explore

Squandering hours and hours at your dead-end job doesn’t only stop you from spending time with your nearest and dearest – it also limits your possibility of getting to know the world around you. If you decide to retire early after the lottery win, the sky is the limit – whole world suddenly becomes your playground and all the places you’ve only seen in photographs are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Con 1: Pursuing your dream career

Not retiring after winning the lottery doesn’t necessarily mean you have to keep a low-paid job that you hate – it actually gives you an opportunity to chase after your dreams and build a career you always wanted to have. If you don’t get any satisfaction from doing your job, you can always learn a new skill and find a vocation that suits you and gives you a sense of fulfilment.

Con 2: Losing contact with your work buddies

The fact that you don’t have to work anymore and can spend your time any way you want doesn’t mean everyone else can afford the same kind of luxury. A lot of socialization occurs on the job or after work, and workplace friendships sometimes fade away when you retire. If you work in environment filled with people you don’t want to keep in touch with there’s nothing wrong about leaving it, but that’s not always the case.

Con 3: Learning the importance of hard work

Not all lottery winners decide to retire when they’re old – some of them do it at very young age, while they’re still not able to grasp how crucial it is to put your best effort into everything you do and work hard in order to achieve it. Without learning how difficult it is to acquire money through their own labour, young winners sometimes fail to recognize how fortunate they really are and waste their lottery prizes away on things they don’t really need.