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Lotto news

Wilmington man crying of joy after netting $1.000.000 with Powerball

Scooping a major lottery prize often tends to be surprising and shocking experience to the winners, and that’s exactly how Terry Wallington reacted after discovering he became $1.000.000 richer. This Wilmington resident started crying “tears of joy” when he realized he snatched Match 5 Powerball prize. It’s your turn to become a millionaire – play SuperEnaLotto to net €146.800.000!

Wallington matched the five main winning Powerball numbers 1, 28, 63, 67 and 69 on September 21st, but missed the jackpot by the Power Ball number 17. He purchased the winning Quick Pick ticket at the BP Gas Center #12 on Market Street in Wilmington and took home around $690.000 after federal and state tax withholdings. After realizing he matched the five main winning numbers, he re-checked them a few more times and started crying “tears of joy” as he called his brother and sister to share the lucky news.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. Nothing like that, except on TV,” said the lucky man after collecting his cheque at North Carolina Education lottery headquarters in Releigh.

Wallington doesn’t plan any big changes, but he might trade his 1998 Ford Crown Victoria to a used Cadillac. He will use the rest of the money to help out his family and make a couple of donations to charities.

“I’m not into trips and I am not into splurging. I really don’t need anything. I’m content,” explained the man.

In the next Powerball draw after Mr. Wallington’s victory, a jackpot winner wasn’t produced either – the winning numbers were 7, 15, 20, 29 and 41 with the Power Ball 22. The jackpot has risen to $60.000.000 – play now and it could be yours on Wednesday night!