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Epic format changes coming to Euromillions this very night

Several months ago Euromillions officials announced a set of changes, promising players a chance to win even more impressive jackpots, and the D-Day has finally come. This night’s draw will be the first one held under the new format and if you don’t manage to win a €17.000.000 cash reward, the top prize offered in a Superdraw on Friday will be worth €130.000.000!

The biggest change coming to Euromillions tonight is the fact that windfalls are about to get larger than ever – starting jackpots increased from €15.000.000 to €17.000.000, while Superdraw jackpots jumped from €100.000.000 to €130.000.000. Jackpot cap will stay at €190.000.000, but players will have more chances to take it home – instead of only allowing the top prize to remain at the cap for one draw, it will stay at that amount for four draws from now on. In order for top prizes to increase, the odds of winning the jackpot became higher – the main prize pool will still have 50 balls, but there will be 12 Lucky Stars instead of 11.

 Players from each participating country can look forward to amazing special European Millionaire Maker draws, offering them with an opportunity to win impressive windfalls even if they don’t snatch the jackpot. Most importantly the monthly UK Mega Friday will be transformed into Mega Week, providing British punters with more chances to win a guaranteed £1.000.000 prize and a luxury trip to an exotic destination. In the first Mega Week ever ten players from UK players will have an opportunity to go on a luxury 100-day holiday around the world, traveling everywhere from Italy to Thailand.