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Gresso launches Black Diamond iPhone 7 with a $500.000 price tag

Every time a new iPhone hits the market, luxury brands can’t wait to unveil their exclusively crafted versions and when it comes to iPhone 7, Gresso was the first one in line. Swiss company just launched diamond-encrusted edition of the new model and if you want to hold it in your hands you’ll have to cash out $500.000. It seems like a perfect phone for someone who has €148.000.000 at their disposal – play SuperEnaLotto and that money could be yours!

Even though spending $500.000 on a phone may seem like too much, there’s a reason why Gresso’s Black Dimond comes with such a staggering price tag. In order to create this lavish model, designers at Gresso used a total of 1.450 diamonds on the back panels of the handsets, which are worth 102 carats. The body of the phone has also been re-crafted to a premium grade-titanium, transforming Apple’s iPhone 7 into much better and more durable version.

Lavishness doesn’t end there – the camera frame and Gresso logo look just as impressive, since they’re both made of 10 grams of 18 carat gold. In addition to the phone, buyers also get AirPods that match the handset – they are covered in a total of 30 black diamonds which are worth 2 carats.

Even though craftsman at Gresso put a lot of effort into this new model, the title of the most expensive iPhone to date still belongs to Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 5 Black Diamond, which sold for $15.300.000 to a Chinese business man, who was the original owner of the diamond that was used for its creation.