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Lotto news

Toronto man plans culinary adventure after $30.000.000 lottery win

Scooping a lottery jackpot provides you with an opportunity to travel anywhere you want to, and try dishes and recipes from all around the world. This is exactly what Boris Coquerel intends to do after snatching $30.000.000 – he will take this wife abroad and taste the best specialties each and every place has to offer. You could do the same after the next Euromillions draw – play now and take €141.000.000 home!

The lucky Toronto resident matched the winning numbers 7, 12, 14, 15, 27, 34 and 44 in the Lotto Max draw on September 16th and ended up splitting a $60.000.000 windfall with Ashman Kennedy of Kitchener. After scanning his ticket, Coquerel kept staring at the screen in disbelief as the words ‘Big Winner’ followed by $30 and a bunch of zeros popped up. He immediately went home and shared the news with his wife, who was even more shocked than him.

“To be sure, she kept rechecking the numbers online. Then we went to another store and validated the ticket. I think the retailer was more surprised than we were. All this action was followed by some sleepless nights,” said Coquerel.

After the news started sinking in, the fortunate couple reached out to their friends who had the proper expertise and resources to advise them. Mr. Coquerel always used to joke with them about what would they do if they ended up winning the lottery, and now when it finally happened he seems to knows what his next steps are.

“We will pay our mortgage and travel abroad to visit with family. Plus, we are both foodies so we know some great international cuisine will be a significant part of our travel adventures. We will continue to work and then decide what’s next,” explained the Toronto man.