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Crystal Cruises’ new jet is a perfect bland of elegance and pure luxury

Crystal Cruises has been household name in the world of luxury cruise line companies for years and it always seemed like only sky is the limit to their incredible success, but not anymore. The famous brand is just about to launch their first super-opulent private plane, and spending two weeks inside it will cost around $50.000. You could afford flying with any jet in the world after the next SuperEnaLotto draw – play now to net €150.700.000!

Crystal Cruises is currently customizing their privately owned Boeing 777-200LR into a luxurious jet that will offer everything from exclusive-class seats, airy social spaces and 24-inch flat screen TVs to private butler and concierge service and Michelin Star-inspired cuisine.

 “Crystal AirCruises is not just a thrilling new venture for Crystal, but a ground-breaking development in the luxury travel industry. Even the savviest travellers and guests who have sailed on our award-winning ocean cruises many times will relish brand new opportunities to explore places impossible to reach by water, all with Crystal’s signature personalized service and the highest standard of luxury at every point of travel,” said Edie Rodriguez, company’s president and chief executive.

It’s expected that the plane will start transporting guests in the fall 2017 – they will have an opportunity to embark on breath-taking trips around the world that last for two, three or four weeks. There’s a total of 84 seats for passengers to relax in while they’re transferred from one destination to the next, and each of them can be transformed into lie-flat beds if they want to enjoy some sleep before starting the next adventure.