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Lotto news

One man won the lottery 111 times and this is his story

Playing the same lottery numbers over and over again proves fruitful for some, but wasteful for others and in Phil Morgan’s case it was kind of both. Over the span of one decade, this retired potter from Seagrove won the lottery 111 times collecting around $500.000 in cash, but spent even more money on the tickets he bought. Spending only €3.50 on a Euromillons ticket could transform you into multi-millionaire – play now to snatch €156.000.000!

Several years ago, Mr. Morgan developed a strategy that led him to many impressive prizes – he always played the game Pick 4, where punters pick 4 numbers from 0 to 9 for a chance to win up to $5.000. If someone plays the same numbers multiple times in one drawing and ends up matching them all each ticket is counted as a winner. Morgan used this to his advantage – he started studying the lottery and playing the numbers that never hit before, including combinations of the same four digits.

“The thing about gambling is a gambler’s money never rests. I play the same numbers every day, and I wait for it to come to me,” explained the man, who estimates that he spent more money than he won by buying thousands of lottery tickets  over the years.

Morgan sometimes used certain numbers only because he had a feeling they would win, and his hunch had proven to be right several times. Back in 2011 he woke up in the middle of the night with a feeling four 9s would be drawn, and ended up winning $65.000 when it really happened. He also won $120.000 after matching four 3s and $180.000 when he bought 36 tickets with quad 6s. Some might think Mr. Morgan found a way of cheating the system, but there’s nothing illegal about his strategy and lottery officials aren’t skeptical at all.

“He’s on a first-name basis with the folks in the Greensboro office. He’s talked to me personally about his strategy,” said lottery North Carolina’s executive director Alice Garland.