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Lotto news

Abbotsford couple wins $9.700.000, keeps it a secret from their kids

Keeping something a secret from your children often proves to be a difficult task, but not for Daniel and Kelly Schulli. After scooping an astounding $9.700.000 lottery prize, the lucky Canadian couple didn’t tell anything to three of their kids and let them find out about it through the news instead.

The Schullis matched the winning numbers 14, 16, 25, 39, 45 and 47 in the Lotto 6/49 draw on September 17th with the ticket they purchased at the Bradner General Store in Abbotsford. Unlike majority of lottery winners who are anxious to share the lucky news with their family, Daniel and Kelly told their oldest kid what happened, but kept the rest of their children in the dark and let them find out about it through the news like everyone else.

“This is just so surreal. My wife and I have been walking around the house giggling because we just can’t believe it,” said Mr. Schulli and added they didn’t share the news with their three kids under the age of 10 because the win doesn’t change anything – they’ll still have to clean their rooms and get a job like the rest of their classmates.

When it comes to spending the money, the fortunate couple doesn’t have any immediate plans, even though the win will allow them to breathe a little easier financially. Daniel Schulli said his first big cheque will be spent on a new truck, because his kids were always laughing at his old 1996 pickup.

“The boys have been giving me a hard time about my 20-year-old pickup, so I might have to buy a new truck,” said the winner.

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