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Lotto news

Canadian woman celebrates her birthday with a $1.000.000 lotto prize

Throughout life, we all get dozens of birthday gifts that quickly fade away in our memory, but Sonya Sellars will probably never forget the gift she received when she turned 57. That was the day when this fortunate woman from Happy Valley-Goose Bay collected an amazing $1.000.000 lottery prize. Follow in her footsteps and scoop a windfall worthy of celebration – Euromillions is offering €166.000.000 right now!

Ms. Sellars was one of the five people who purchased a winning Maximillions ticket for the Lotto Max draw on September 16th. She claimed her prize at St. John’s on October 3th, which was also her birthday. Despite netting a significant amount of cash, Sellars and her husband don’t intend to make any drastic changes – right after hearing the lucky news Boyd Sellars didn’t have any time to waste and went straight back to work.

“The woman I was speaking with at Atlantic Lotto needed some details, and it was taking a little while, and I said I’ve gotta go — I’ve got thirty people on the Churchill River that I’ve got to pick up in about 30 minutes. So I said, ‘Can I go and we’ll do this later?’ And she laughed and off I went,” recalled the fortunate helicopter pilot and added they will probably celebrate the win with a family trip to Turks and Caicos.

Several other people who became $1.000.000 richer on September 16th also came forward to collect their fortune, including Alain Beaudoin. In the begging, the Guelph resident thought a $10.000 cash reward was at stake because he was too busy thinking of a new vehicle he was going to buy that day.  The prize Beaudoin actually won will be enough to cover all the expenses for his new car – and more!

“I have a passion for collecting cars so there could be another vintage vehicle in my future. My wife likes to travel and we both love Canada so a trip out west to the Rockies could happen very soon,” said Mr. Beaudoin.