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Lotto winner splits with her boyfriend after posting funny list of rules for his holiday

Becoming a lotto millionaire as a teenager often means growing up in the spotlight, with the media following your every move and Jane Park had an opportunity to feel this on her own skin. She made the headlines several times since winning £1.000.000 in 2013 – most recently, she attracted a lot of attention after issuing a hilarious list of rules for her boyfriend’s holiday in Ibiza.

Back on August 25th, Ms. Park made a Facebook post titled “Psycho Jane at it again” with a long list of demands her boyfriend was supposed to follow while on holiday in Ibiza. They ranged from funny such as “No football songs, unless it’s Hibs song” to utterly bizarre like “No tattoos. I will even check your willy. Unless it’s my name don’t bother.” Majority of the rules forbade her former boyfriend Connor George to interact with other girls and even avoid eye contact with them at all times. Park even designed a special t-shirt with their picture and a slogan “If you are reading this – you are too close to my boyfriend.”

It was all just a joke, well accepted by her Facebook friends and her boyfriend at the time, until media caught onto the story and took it out of context.

“I really can’t express how much these rules were a joke and a laugh obviously they have been done before they’ve been done loads,” wrote Ms. Park on her Facebook wall and added she shouldn’t be waking up to abuse every morning only because she’s a lotto winner.

Her ex accepted the joke and even took a picture wearing the T-shirt Ms. Park designed for him, but their relationship didn’t last for long after that – they broke up only few weeks after holiday was over.

“It has nothing to do with the Ibiza holiday rules, Jane actually went out to see Connor when he was there and things were fine. They just weren’t on the same wavelength with a few things, it was nothing major,” said the couple’s friend.