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Lotto news

Record-breaking €90.000.000 Eurojackpot prize goes to Germany

Eurojackpot players spent over two months waiting for their numbers to finally match and transform them into multi-millionaires, but patience paid off only for one of them. A lucky punter from Germany snatched a €90.000.000 windfall last night, becoming one of the richest winners in the history of the game. Follow in their footsteps and become Europe’s next millionaire – Italian lottery SuperEnaLotto could help you turn your life around with a staggering €157.300.000 cash reward!

The winning combination that enabled this amazing victory consisted of the main numbers 7, 10, 25, 39 and 42 with Euro numbers 3 and 6. It was matched by one participant from German state Baden-Württemberg who collected €90.000.000 in the process, but Friday night gave several other players a reason for celebration. The second-tier prize for matching the five main numbers and one of the Euro numbers amounted to €2.780.000 and was scooped by eight participants – five of them are also Germans (two from Bavaria, one from Baden-Württemberg, Hessen and Saxony). The three remaining tickets were sold in the Netherlands and Finland, where two people became €2.780.000 richer.

What makes this German victory so amazing is the fact it’s one of the two largest pay-outs ever in the history of Eurojackpot. This is the second time that the jackpot cap of €90.000.000 was reached – it only happened back in May 2015 when one lotto aficionado from the Czech Republic ended up scooping the top prize. Generally speaking, 2016 is shaping up to be the best year Eurojackpot enthusiasts ever experienced – third and fourth largest windfall in the game’s history were won only several months ago, by players who also come from Germany.