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Lotto news

€195.000 Euromillions winner claims prize while wearing emoji mask

Collecting lottery prizes in a disguise is a very popular trend among Chinese winners who want to protect their privacy, but it seems like it’s starting to become a worldwide phenomenon. Few days ago, one anonymous lottery winner came forward to collect a €195.000 Euromillions prize and wore an emoji mask while doing so. Would you try hiding your identity after winning millions? Play SuperEnaLotto to snatch €158.700.000 and make your choice!

The lucky man from County Clare was one of eleven Euromillions players who matched the five main winning numbers and one Lucky Star in the draw on October 7th. He claimed the prize disguised with an emoji face mask that the National Lottery officials started using for winners who want to remain anonymous. He bought the ticket online and was accompanied by two of his friends while collecting the €195.000 windfall.

“I asked the two lads to come with me to Dublin today but I didn’t tell where we were going. I could have come on my own but I wanted to share the experience with my two best friends,” explained the winner.

When it comes to spending the money, the man is still letting the news to sink in before he makes any major decisions, but paying off his mortgage will be the first thing he does.

“I’m going to enjoy the win over the next couple of days but first, I have plans to pay off my mortgage and we will see what is left after that,” explained the County Clare resident.