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SuperEnaLotto jackpot could buy you this €19.000.000 Italian mansion

Whoever ends up snatching the SuperEnaLotto jackpot worth €162.300.000 will probably be ready to make a few drastic changes in their life. One of the things almost every major winner tends to do is to find a dream home to start their new journey, and what a better place to do it than a wonderful mansion that looks like something straight out of a Disney movie. This description perfectly fits one historic villa in Capannori that could be yours for €19.000.000!

Italian mansion

Located in the countryside of Lucca, this stunning estate once belonged to the Mansi family, well-known for their silk trade business at the time. The house was originally built in the second half of the 16th century, but it was completely transformed several times since then. Back in the 18th century, the architect Giusti re-designed it in order to give elegance to the facade, while Filippo Juvarra transformed its park, making the villa famous for its green spaces.

Italian mansion

 Occupying 2.100 square meters, the main house is built on four levels with a total of 11 bedrooms – 8 on the first floor, and 3 on the second. The basement was mostly renovated and it consists of reception areas, while the raised ground floor gives new owners an opportunity to spend their free time in a beautiful living room. This is a perfect home for true admirers of art, since every room looks like a masterpiece thanks to breath-taking frescos gracing their walls. Even if you manage to take your eyes off them, there’s something splendid waiting for you elsewhere – there’s a lot of camellias, old trees and sculptures on the property, including the ones surrounding a large tank known as “Peschiera”.