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Top 4 places to check when your lottery ticket is missing

One of the top reasons why lottery winners wait for weeks – sometimes even months – to claim their windfalls is the fact they forgotten about buying a ticket in the first place. Many avid players tend to get used to not winning anything major, so they just stash their tickets anywhere and check them all together after time goes by. Sometimes it turns out for the best, but there were cases when players missed out on big prizes because they let the tickets add up and never checked them at all. Don’t let this happen to you and choose to play online – a staggering $180.000.000 Powerball jackpot awaits!

1. Your pockets

missing lottery ticket

After buying a ticket, many people just leave it in one of their pockets and forget to take it out after changing their clothes. That’s what happened to Jim McLoughlin, who claimed a £1.000.000 Euromillions prize last month.

“After some lovely hot weather it started to get a bit chilly. So I had a look around the house for my jacket which I hadn’t worn for a while. When I put my hand in the pocket of my coat the ticket I bought was still there,” recalled Mr. McLoughlin.

Leaving tickets in your pockets can also be tricky because you may end up washing them with your clothes, so make sure to avoid this by looking through your pockets before doing your laundry.

2. Your wallet

missing lottery ticket

After buying a ticket you’ll usually get some change too and your wallet seems like the most convenient place to put it all in. That’s the why many lotto enthusiasts discover they’re millionaires after carefully looking through their wallet, including Daniel Chase, who had a perfectly valid explanation to why he likes to check several tickets at once.

“I always put my tickets in my wallet after I buy them and then I’ll check them after I’ve had them for a while. I like waiting because it lets the dream of being a winner go on a little longer, and this time the dream came true,” explained the  $1.000.000 Powerbal winner.

3. Your car

missing lottery ticket

If you looked through your wallet, all your pockets and haven’t found a ticket you’re looking for, your car should be the next place you check. A lot of players found their tickets after cleaning their vehicle, because they often fall under the seats or even get stuck inside the console, as it happened to the $1.000.000 winner Teddy Harbert.

“I had put it in the console of my Jeep and it fell through and I couldn’t find it. Several days went by and I told some of my friends that I had it and couldn’t find it. So, finally I went through the Jeep and was ready to clean it out completely when I found it stuck down the side of the console. That was a relief,” said Mr. Harbert.

4. Your purse

 missing lottery ticket

For many women, a handbag is an indispensable accessory with many hidden treasures stashed inside, and sometimes a winning lottery ticket happens to be one of them. Just last week, one anonymous lady from Wicklow collected a €500.000 Euromillions prize with a ticket she found in her purse, and she’s only the latest example. Looking through all the stuff your handbag has within can be a difficult task, but it paid off more than once – even if you don’t end up finding a ticket that will turn you into a millionaire, you’ll probably stumble upon other things that have been missing for a while.