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Lotto news

$10.000.000 lottery winner to take his mom on a dream cruise

The experience of winning the lottery isn’t so special only because you get to turn your life around, but also because you can do something nice for people who were there for you since day one. Greg M. from Lockwood is aware of this, and after netting $10.000.000 he intends to use a portion of his prize to treat his mom to a trip to Alaska. You could also get a chance to share your happiness with others after the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch $198.000.000!

The fortune man who only introduces himself as Greg M. matched the winning numbers 3, 4, 5, 9, 14 and 36 in Colorado’s Lotto draw on October 19th, stopping a six-month long series of rollovers. The golden ticket that brought him luck was purchased at the 7-Eleven store located at 9200 West Alameda Avenue in his hometown Lockwood.

After collecting the prize, the winner said his strategy was always to play and pray – he was buying tickets on a regular basis, using the numbers from an old quick pick. When he realized his numbers matched, Greg couldn’t believe it and asked his 77-year-old mother to check them again and confirm his suspicions. She was the first person he shared the lucky news with, and they’re going to be sharing the prize, too – he will take her on a cruise in Alaska, but he’s also intending to buy a new Lexus. Their wish list is probably going to become even longer as time goes by, but early retirement isn’t one of their plans yet.

“I think for now, we’re both going to work – my mom works and I’m going to continue to work for a while. But it opens the doors to do the things we wanted to do, that financially we couldn’t do,” explained Greg M.