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Lotto news

Man thinks £1.000.000 lottery win is just a prank pulled by his brother

Wayne Rowles from Port Talbot is so used to his brother’s practical jokes that he can’t take anything seriously anymore, including the news that he won a £1.000.000 lottery prize. After realizing he scooped this amazing windfall, Rowles thought his brother found a way to trick him again, but for the first time in a while that wasn’t a case.

After seeing his Euromillions ticket had the winning Millionaire Maker code, Rowles’ first reaction wasn’t to jump with joy, but to ask his brother Terence if he planted a fake winning ticket in his house. Since Terence regularly plays practical jokes on him, the 45-year-old lotto winner thought this was only one of his usual shenanigans.

 “Terence loves practical jokes and this is just the sort of thing that he would find very funny.  When I spoke to him he seemed genuinely baffled and it was only once he’d promised that it wasn’t a joke, and I’d checked the numbers again, that I believed this was really happening,” recalled the £1.000.000 winner.

The Port Talbot resident, who spends majority of his time looking after his 82-year-old father and a couple of his elderly friends, had a few sleepless nights after finding out he had the winning ticket in his hands, but he’s finally making plans what to do next.

“I work as a full-time carer and this win will help me to have a secure income and continue to be a carer without having to worry about money,” said Rowles, and added he’ll use the prize to purchase a brand-new car and treat his family, including Terence who’ll probably get a new practical joke book.

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