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Lotto news

Devoted father of two makes rational plans after $75.000.000 lottery win

C. Duncan from Jamaica spent the last 20 years trying his luck with the lottery and it finally led him to an astonishing $75.000.000 jackpot. Now that he has all this money at his disposal to do whatever he pleases, Duncan doesn’t intend to waste it away, he wants to do something valuable that will allow his daughters to have a better future. You could do the same after the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch $217.000.000!

The 44-year-old winner hit the jackpot on October 22nd after purchasing the same 10 lines of numbers for over four years, even though he’s been playing the lottery for about two decades.

“I said to myself, ‘This could not be’, but they were my numbers. I went under a light to make sure I wasn’t seeing doubles. Since I won, I can’t sleep. My brain keeps working, keeps reflecting, thinking about what’s coming,” said Duncan.

The refrigeration technician said his main plan is to invest the money in his business and make sure his kids get a good education. He’s ready to help out his family, as long as they have a sound business plan and know how to earn from the money he lends them.

„I love my two girls. I have gone to my bed hungry for them, and I am glad I can ensure that they get a good education. I am not supposed to go broke again. I am not going to just sit down and spend. I am going to register my company and make sure it is legitimate,” explained Duncan and added he’ll probably buy another van, expand his services, and employ two more people.