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Lotto news

Powerball jackpot keeps getting bigger – $217.000.000 up for grabs on Saturday

2016 is certainly shaping up to be the best year in Powerball history, and every time we think things couldn’t get any better something amazing manages to happen. After the draw on Wednesday night failed to produce a jackpot winner, Powerball top prize has reached $200.000.000 mark for the sixth time this year. Pick your lucky numbers and try snatching a life-changing $217.000.000 windfall!

The latest Powerball draw on October 2nd didn’t bring much luck to anyone – all players failed to correctly guess the winning combination 13, 18, 37, 54 and 61 with the Power Ball 5. One resident of California came close to hitting the jackpot after matching the five main numbers, and ended up netting $1.000.000. The drawing on Wednesday produced a total of around 750.000 winners who collected almost $6.500.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

Powerball has been rolling over since September 17th when William and Heather ten Broeke collected $247.000.000, the largest lottery pay-out that ever went to Georgia. As impressive as it may seem, this was actually the lowest Powerball windfall of the year. The largest one was worth $1.586.000.000 and it was shared by the three lucky couples from Tennessee, Florida and California on January 13th. The largest Powerball cash reward won by a single winner in 2016 amounted to $487.000.000 and was claimed by the Robin Egg 2016 Nominee Trust, since the family that scooped it wanted to stay anonymous.

“In order for them to do good things, they need anonymity, but there couldn’t be two better people or a better family to win this money than these people, because they are going to do great things with it,” said family’s representative William Shaheen after collecting the cheque on their behalf.

You could do many great things after scooping $47.000.000 – play Mega Millions and this magnificent prize could be yours!