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Lotto news

Four fish plant workers share $1.000.000 lottery prize

Some lottery syndicates spend years, or even decades playing together before hitting it big, but for four fish plant workers from Arichat it only took two weeks. Marc Touesnard, Shelly Marchand, Leo Peeples and Spencer Green were lucky enough to share $1.000.000 in the Lotto 6/49 draw last month. You could win much more by playing Powerball – pick your numbers to snatch $217.000.000!

After hearing rumours about a winning ticket being sold in Richmond County, the four co-workers checked the two tickets they’ve purchased together, but without any luck. Neither of them matched the winning numbers, but the syndicate leader Leo Peeples didn’t give up hope.

“I was home and remembered that we’d had three tickets instead of two because we got a free play,” said Mr. Peeples who started looking for a ticket and found it tucked in a compartment in his lunchbox.

He didn’t recognize the numbers right away, but after sharing the ticket with the group Spencer Green checked it again and realized they became $1.000.000 richer. Their good news travelled fast and everyone working at the fish plant was excited to hear they are millionaires.

“Everybody at the plant knew before we even got in the building,” recalled Peeples.

When it comes to the plans for the future, Peeples and his work-mates don’t intend to retire any time soon, but each of them has other things in mind. Marc Touesnard plans to help out his family, while Shelly Marchand who got married recently wants to travel, just like her colleague Leo Peeples. Spencer Green is also planning a wedding and intends to put a down payment on a piece of land.