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5 people who celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

Birthday tends to be the most exciting day of the year for many people, and a lot of them probably make a wish to become millionaires after blowing out the candles on their cake. It’s an innocent dream no one really expects to come true, but for a couple of lotto players it actually did. If your birthday’s coming up soon, try your luck with Powerball and you could get the best present ever in the form of a dazzling $236.000.000 jackpot!

1. The 19-year-old girl from Chicago wins $4.000.000

celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

Lottery tickets aren’t exactly a thing every girl wishes to get as a birthday present from their dad, but for Deisi Ocampo they turned out to be the best gift ever. The 19-year-old Chicago resident ended up winning $4.000.000 with one of the scratch-offs her father gave her in October 2014.

“When I told my dad I won he asked, ‘How much? $500?’ and I said, ‘No, Dad, $4.000.000,’” recalled Ocampo, who said that winning the lottery will make it easier for her to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

2. A retired Illinois teacher collects $1.050.000

celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

It’s only been a week since Sue Swanson from Tinley Park came forward to claim a $1.050.000 prize after buying her ticket on October 2nd, that also happens to be the day when she turned 68.

“I want to thank the Illinois Lottery for the best birthday gift ever! On my birthday, right after I bought my Lucky Day Lotto ticket, I read my horoscope and it said my dreams would come true. They certainly are coming true now!” said Swanson and added that she plans to buy a car, renovate her house and donate some money to charity.

3. New Zealander travels to the UK to celebrate her birthday, wins £1.000.000

celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

Diana De Gilio will remember her 70th birthday for many things – wonderful trip to the UK, time spent with her good friend Sandy Marsden and a £1.000.000 Euromillions prize.

“My mother’s family is from the UK and I have plenty of family and friends here so I have a strong affection for the UK, I have to say, this win has made that affection even stronger,” said the lucky New Zealand woman after collecting her windfall.

De Gilio’s bucket list included many things, from the ones we hear often like new car and a house, to the small and simple ones like new glasses and new teeth. Her biggest wish, though, was to travel all around the world – from Bali and Lombok to Patagonia and Canada.

4. Hastings resident gets a $8.100.000 winning ticket as a present

celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

Diana De Gilio isn’t the only New Zealander who became a millionaire on her birthday. One lucky man from Hastings, who chose to stay anonymous, won an even bigger fortune after receiving a lottery ticket as a present from a family member last year.

“I’m really looking forward to telling the person who bought me the ticket – it’ll knock their socks off! I’m trying to think of a nice way to surprise them with the news – after all, they helped change my life,” said the man after collecting his $8.100.000 cash reward.

5. “Birthday Girl” surprised by a $825.000 victory

celebrated their birthdays with lotto victory

Back in July this year, one lucky grandmother from Baltimore scooped an $825.000 lottery prize and introduced herself as “Birthday Girl” while collecting it. Unlike most winners, she decided to receive the pay-out as an annuity, meaning she’ll get $22.000 over a period of 25 years.

“That’s going to be my retirement. When I get my first check, I’m going to be with friends, party on a boat and celebrate all day,” said the lucky winner after receiving the cheque on her birthday.