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Lotto news

Auckland couple collects New Zealand’s largest jackpot worth $44.000.000

Lottery players across the globe have shattered many records during this year, and New Zealanders are no exception to this rule. The largest jackpot ever offered in this country was won by an anonymous couple from Auckland after they scooped $44.000.000 this Wednesday night. Enormous fortune awaits you in the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch $258.000.000!

The husband was the one who realized they matched the winning combination on November 9th, and he immediately jumped in his car and headed to a nearby store to check the golden ticket one more time. After seeing a couple of missed calls, his wife thought something bad had happened, and didn’t believe the lucky news when her husband finally shared them.

“I just wish I could have seen his face when he found out we’d won. At first I thought he was joking, but he managed to convince me. My head started spinning, my heart was racing and I got the shakes,” recalled the lucky woman.

The couple said they want to be really smart about the way they manage the money, but they won’t hesitate to spend a sizable amount on their first big purchase, because they were working towards it for a long time.

“We’ve been busting our guts trying to buy our first home. We just went to the mortgage broker earlier this week to see what they could do to help. But they just couldn’t make anything work for us. We were absolutely gutted and I just said, ‘Maybe that ship has sailed.’ But my wife tried to stay positive and said, ‘Don't worry, something good will happen for us,’” explained the husband and added their kids are going to have the best Christmas ever this year.